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ultimate allience 1+2

posted by juuhndk (SICKLERVILLE, NJ) May 9, 2010

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i will keep this short. ultimate allience 1+2 is a good rpg. ecspecially for people who think video games have no thinking involved. it is agood game and their are no changes to be made.

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Above Average

Ultimately Nothing Much 2 Marvel

posted by ThaSquare (ROSEVILLE, CA) Sep 19, 2009

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Though still offering all the superhero fisty cuffs one's to expect from a comic book themed game, the Wii version of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 took one on the chin in development. Its multi-console companions on the 360 and PS3 mop the floor with this game's graphics. Even UA 2's nearly three year old predecessor has more polish and content than anything this offers.

It's also riddled with glitches. If you don't get caught on one of the rogue corners that roam the game (they come out of nowhere, I tell ya), you'll likely find one of the genus AI's to snag it posthaste. AI players, too, are ridiculously stupid; be prepared to see them walk right past each-other and do nothing. Also be wary of getting knocked into the air not just because it probably hurts a lot, but because you might not fall back down. You'll occasionally find yourself "landing" on top of another character after getting hit into the air. The problem is you can't jump or walk down on your own accord. You'll have to wait to do anything (including throwing punches) until the person or computer below moves.

The hook Marvel put into this game is the new fusion powers. Each character can combine their powers with another to unleashed a devastating attack upon the bad guys. That's all well and good, except how often you'll find the same moves. Each can fuse with another ally, yes, but most the time you'll one find a few generic attacks.

Worst of all, however, is how toned down the skill sets are. Most don't have more than six actual attacks to train when in the first title each had a dozen or so. Most are recycled too; you'll see Spidey's web bullet move on several characters and Hulk's ground pound on most everyone.

This game is a "Stark" contrast of its former self. Moronic AI, overwhelming glitches, and severely withheld gameplay mechanics leave me wishing they would've put a little more time into this project. If you're looking for a good Marvel themed beat'em up, stick to the original.

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wish I didn't rent this

posted by ArcadeGuy (BROOKLYN, NY) Sep 17, 2009

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Framerate and presentation, average. Environments look like Playstation1. Mushy, mushy combat.. Does not even support classic controller. My nephew and I couldn't play together since we have only 1 nunchuk and 1 classic but not 2 nunchuks. Game has barely any use of motion controls. You enable board-clearing teamwork moves by flicking the nunchuk. Occasionally there are events (such as tipping a statue) where you have to move the Wiimote a certain way. That's it. I should have rented the first Marvel Ultimate Alliance since that apparently uses motion control gestures. I thought this would be the same...

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