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Average Button Masher

posted by Ready4War (TARZANA, CA) Aug 17, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

Can be fun for a while but after that becomes extremely repetitive.

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Very Good

MUA2 Smashed!

posted by Simoun (CERRITOS, CA) Sep 28, 2009

Member since Jun 2007

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The largest army of super heroes are finally back. This time, the story of the game focuses on the civil war. Or did they? The game is only separated into three acts, compared to five in the last game and the civil war storyline begins and ends in Act two. Overall, the civil war "feel" is missing from the game.

Gameplay is not very impressive. Each character has only four powers and a decent number of passives. The game also features a heal/revive a teammate. One of the new features is the fusion. This is in the game replacing the extreme supers in the first MUA. However, this might get old pretty quick since there are only a few variations of the fusions. Most of them are the same and are just done by two other different characters. Also, by having only four powers each, it is very hard to build a character the way you could do it in the first MUA.

Another thing gone from the first game is the high number of simulator missions/comic book missions. There are still a handful of sim missions in this game but they are so few and some of them are not really that fun to play more than once.

They tweaked a few things from the civil war storyline but that is understandable since they need to do that for video game purposes. The gameplay improved on some areas but some were still lacking and the extra features were so-so. But despite all of those, to a marvel fan, this is still an enjoyable game. Not as good if you compare it to the first one, but, if this was the first one of the series, this will be excellent.

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Very Good

solid but..

posted by thefallen1 (LOUISVILLE, KY) Sep 20, 2009

Member since Sep 2009

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its seems to be missing something..while compared to the first game.i have only played thru the first level;which was really long and fun but it doesnt seem to have the weight in shock value as the last game.

something i like was the "homing beckon" which lets u know which way to go on these huge maps its still worth it to go off on ur own path to find unlockables..

something i am disappointed in is the lack of NEW characters and how small the roster is hope the dlc makes up for that..because most are really not "new" since they were on the xbox version (venom,hulk,etc.)

while being able to choose exactly who u want to heal can be helpful sometimes in the heat of battle the way the old game had the AI allot it to who needed it seems to have worked better..

one big thing that bothered me is the lack of alt attires it brought a new way of trying to plan ur approach of attack and kept the game interesting.

i hope more UA games are made following storylines like the infinity war,onslaught,etc.

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