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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Ms. Marvel

Beat the NYC level to unlock Ms. Marvel.

Nick Fury

Finish the game once to unlock Nick Fury.


To unlock Songbird choose the Register side when given the choice.


Collect all 5 Asgardian Runes to unlock Thor.

United We Stand (Silver)

Earn 20 high scores for each type of Fusion: Targeted, Guided, and Clearing.


Beat the D.C. level to unlock Deadpool.

Green Goblin and Venom

Beat Green Goblin and Venom at the end of Wakanda Act 3 to unlock them.


Collect all 5 gamma regulators to unlock Hulk.

Iron Fist

Choose the Rebel side when faced with the choice to unlock Iron Fist.

Jean Grey

Collect all 5 M'Kraan Shards to unlock Jean Grey.

Tactical Training (Bronze)

Perform all 5 recommended training Fusions in Latveria.

Trivia Buff (Bronze)

Correctly answer 15 Trivia questions.

Trivia Genius (Bronze)

Earn all Trivia rewards.

Trivia Team-Up (Bronze)

Score 30 Trivia Fusions.

Uncontained Aggression (Bronze)

You or other players on your team must destroy 250 health containers.

Undefeated Heroes (Silver)

Defeat 12 mission bosses on Super Heroic or Legendary Difficulty without revival or map reload.

Seek and Destroy (Bronze)

Complete all optional mission objectives.

Sim Amateur (Bronze)

Earn 4 Bronze Medals from Simulator Missions.

Sim Champion (Bronze)

Earn 12 Gold Medals from Simulator Missions.

Sim Expert (Bronze)

Earn 8 Silver Medals from Simulator Missions.

Sim Team-Up (Bronze)

Earn Mission Succeeded on a Simulator Mission in Co-Op and return to the Simulator menu.

Superior Intel (Bronze)

Collect 125 Dossiers.

Old Friends (Bronze)

Have 10 special conversations between characters with a history while in an HQ map.

Platinum Award (Platinum)

Obtain all other trophies.

Potential Evidence (Bronze)

Collect 10 Concept Art Bundles in HQ maps.

Power Training (Bronze)

Complete all Power training goals listed on the Stats page.

Powers of Two (Gold)

Perform all Fusions by combining every available pairing of 24 heroes.

Rookie Squad (Bronze)

Complete a map in Co-Op.

Legendary Schism (Bronze)

Defeat all Act I missions on Legendary Difficulty.

Legendary War (Bronze)

Defeat all Act II missions on Legendary Difficulty.

Listening In (Bronze)

Collect 30 Audio Logs.

Melee Training (Bronze)

Complete all melee training goals listed on the Stats page.

Mission Accomplished (Bronze)

Topple a dictator.

Oceans No Longer Protect Us (Bronze)

Protect a city.

I'm With Iron Man (Silver)

Defeat all Act II and III missions as a Pro-Registration team.

If You're Not With Us (Bronze)

Choose a side.

Immortal Heroics (Gold)

Defeat 25 maps on Super Heroic or Legendary Difficulty without revival or map reload.

Iron and Blood (Silver)

Fight back an ambush.

Knowns and Unknowns (Bronze)

Repay a favor.

Legendary Alliance (Silver)

Defeat all Act III missions on Legendary Difficulty.

Extraordinary Heroism (Bronze)

Collect 125 Team Boosts.

Fallen Star (Silver)

Ambush your opponents.

Freedom Isn't Free (Bronze)

Raid a hideout.

Grave and Growing (Bronze)

Free a country.

Heroes Unite (Bronze)

Perform 10 Fusions with another player-controlled hero in a Co-Op game.

I'm With Captain America (Silver)

Defeat all Act II and III missions as an Anti-Registration team.

Costume Collector (Bronze)

Unlock 23 alternate costumes.

Decorated Veterans (Bronze)

Complete 24 maps in Co-Op.

Defending Our Way of Life (Bronze)

Rescue a hideout.

Distinguished Service (Bronze)

Collect 50 Team Boosts.

Every Trick In The Book (Silver)

Complete all combat mastery goals listed on the Stats page.

Experienced Allies (Bronze)

Complete 8 maps in Co-Op.

Above and Beyond (Silver)

Collect 200 Team Boosts.

All Options on the Table (Bronze)

Defend a convoy.

Alliance Reborn (Bronze)

Break and enter.

Back in Action (Bronze)

Perform 10 revivals.

Coalition of the Willing (Bronze)

Crash a castle.

Collateral Damage (Bronze)

Stop a convoy.

Think Tank: +15% Max HP

Create a team with Mr. Fantastic, Iron Man, Green Goblin, Spider-man, and Hulk

Thunderbolts: +5% Damage

Create a team with Green Goblin, Songbird, Venom, and Penance.

Weapon Specialists: +5% Criticals

Create a team with Daredevil, Deadpool, Gambit, Thor, Green Goblin, and Captain America.

X-Men: +15% Max Stamina

Create a team with Gambit, Jean Grey, Wolverine, Storm, Ice Man, Cyclops, and Psylocke.

A House Divided (Silver)

Defend your leaders.

A More Perfect Union (Bronze)

Finish what you started.

Masters of Energy: +15% Max Health

Create a team with Gambit, Iron Fist, Jean Grey, Ms. Marvel, Nick Fury, and Penance.

Natural Forces +5% Damage Inflicted as Health Gain

Create a team with Storm, Iceman, Thor, and Human Torch.

New Avengers: +10% to all resistances

Create a team with Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist.

Pro-Reg Heroes: +15% Max HP

Create a team with Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, Deadpool, Songbird, Ms Marvel, and Spider-Man.

Secret Avengers: +3 Teamwork

Create a team with Captain America, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, Storm, and Spider-Man.

Shut Up Already! - 15% Extra Health

Create a team with Spider Man, Iceman, Deadpool, and Human Torch.

Agile Warriors: +2 all Attributes

Create a team with Daredevil, Spider-Man, Deadpool, and Iron Fist.

Bruisers: +5 Striking

Create a team with Juggernaut, Hulk, Thing, Luke Cage, and Thor.

Classic Avengers: +15% Max Stamina

Create a team with Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America.

Fantastic Four: +35% Fusion Gain

Create a team with Mr. Fantastic, Human Torch, Thing, and Invisible Woman.

Femmes Fatales: +5% Damage

Create a team with Jean Grey, Storm, Invisible Woman, and Ms. Marvel.

Martial Artists: +5 Striking

Create a team with Daredevil, Wolverine, Iron Fist, and Deadpool.

Hotfoot (Silver) [DLC Required]

Complete "Escort Duty" without disabling any floor hazards.

Low Deductible (Bronze) [DLC Required]

Complete "Escort Duty" without destroying any turrets.

No One Left Behind (Silver) [DLC Required]

Complete "Insidious Alliance" with all four heroes left alive.

Old Foes (Bronze) [DLC Required]

Defeat "Overload" with the X-Men.

Perfect Balance (Silver) [DLC Required]

Defeat 75 foes in "Balance."

Walk It Off (Silver) [DLC Required]

Progress through "Insidious Alliance" without breaking any Health Containers.

Blitz (Bronze) [DLC Required]

Defeat 2 foes within 10 seconds in "Insidious Alliance."

Blows Up Real Nice (Bronze) [DLC Required]

Throw all the proximity mines in "Balance."