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Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects


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Meat The Nemesis, Fight ALL!

posted by WarDemon (OCALA, FL) Apr 23, 2006

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In Electronics Arts' New game "Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects" you play as Various Marvel heros From the Marvel universe.

In the versus Mode you and an Oponnent Face off head-to-head, You can either choose a Timed Match, Or a lives match. The characters you can choose from at the very beginning are as follows. *The Thing, Wolverine, The Wink, Elektra, Johnny OHM, and Spider-man* Each character has a distinct type of fighting *note- some unlockable characters may fight the same* Each character also has their own attributes such as, Strength, Durability, and Speed.

While in Versus mode you have 3 Venues Unlocked you to fight on and they follow as is- The Bridge, NYC Streets, and Avengers Mansion. There are four others that need to be unlocked.

in the games depending on how strong your character is you will be able to use objects at anytime to waste your opponent. Objects can be anything from, cars, boxes, Exploding barrels, Debris, and anything else that might not Fade Away.

Now i have said that there are things that are locked that need to be Unlocked *unlockables* these things are Characters and Venues. one way to unlock these are to fight a number of times in versus mode all while winning or to go through the Story mode. Yes the Story mode.

In the Story mode you play as Vatious Characters that you can only at max pick between four of.
The Beginning Character is "the Thing" as you casual stroll across a bridge an Alien Invasion is beginning. You will go through and learn how to play from that mission on.

This game all in all is Good, For a Fighting game it is a Must have in my Opinion, but really its all about what you think not about who reviews.

remember Rent it, Like it?, Buy it!

Happy Gameflying!

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Above Average

Marvel Nemesis: By the Protagnist :)

posted by protagnist (MARYSVILLE, WA) Aug 26, 2006

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When i first herd of this game i was like"Ah great another horrible super hero game" and i was right in a sense. First the pro's: The agmes graphic and physics engine are exellent and the enviroments are really cool to exsplore and destroy. The combat is great to. All the different characters have there own special abilitys and fighting styles. The game also has plenty of unlockables and hidden easter eggs to uncover. The cons: When i first played it, it was awsome i loved it and thought it was really good looking for an xbox one game but after about an hour or two i really lost interest in it. You only start the game with a few characters and hvae to play the story mode to unlock the rest. The story mode itself is really repetitive and frustrating. Each character has there own missions and tasks to complete but you don't get to unlock anything other than worthless comics and stupid back storys about each characters untill much later in the game. Most missons are really easy i mean a two year old could beat them but then comes a misson that will take you ten trys and four hours to complete. Overall fans of soul caliber and dead or alive will enjoy this title for its vs mode and online play but only the really big marvel nerds will enjoy the blah story and unbalanced difficulty. I was going to give this game a Four but its graphics and engine and also the variety in characters earn it a six. thanx for reading and look for more of my reveiws later!

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Very Good

Marvel Nemesis: The Good the Bad and the Cheap

posted by djsmooth54 (SWANSEA, IL) Jul 15, 2006

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Marvel Nemesis is a pretty good game. Good characters(even if there is not that many of them),good levels(if some what repetitive), and challenging/cheap bosses(it was expected). But even though there are a good things about this game there are still those minor details that make u want to say it could have been better.
Like cheap bosses, repetitive levels and enemies, and the few characters that are there are like clones in the sense they have very similar moves(except for a select few, no spoilers though). But all in all it is a good game worth playing and I give it an 8.5 out of ten.

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