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Mario vs. Donkey Kong


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Mario vs. Donkey Kong

Control Pad UP = Climb up and down, Grab on a rope or wire, Spin (while holding on to a wire). LEFT/RIGHT = Move. DOWN = Crouch.
A Button Jump. Jump from a rope or wire.
B Button Pick up objects. Throw objects. Let go of a rope or wire. Cancels Handstand.
L Button + R Button = Activates Free Scroll Mode. View the level (scroll by using the Control Pad).
R Button + L Button = Activates Free Scroll Mode. View the level (scroll by using the Control Pad).
Start/Pause Start or pause the game

Combo #1 HANDSTAND: Press the A Button and Down at the same time. Mario can walk on his hands if you then press Left or Right. Mario can also deflect some falling objects with his feet when in a handstand.
Combo #2 HANDSTAND JUMP: Press the A Button while performing a handstand for a high jump.
Combo #3 DOUBLE JUMP: After performing a Handstand jump, press the A Button just as Mario lands to jump even higher.
Combo #4 BACK FLIP: While running in one direction, press the opposite direction and the A Button at the same time.
Combo #5 THROWING OBJECTS UP: Press UP and the B Button at the same time to make Mario throw any object he is holding straight up. Make Mario jump and then throw the object straight up if you want it to reach higher platforms. While standing at the top or bottom of a ladder, you can throw a hammer straight up, climb the ladder, and then catch the hammer. This lets you use the hammer on multiple platforms.
Combo #6 WIRE SPIN: Press UP while Mario is holding on to a wire to make him spin. Let go of the wire while Mario is spinning fast to help him reach great heights. Remember, while jumping or falling, press UP to grab onto the wire.