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Mario vs. Donkey Kong


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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Completion bonues

After finishing the game, you will unlock two bonus modes, Expert Mode and Plus Mode. Unlock the door you will get Mini Mario.

Crown ranks

The following type of crown will mark your saved game file after the corresponding objectives are completed.

Bronze Mario Crown

Collect all the stars in a World.

Gold Star Crown

Collect all the presents in all levels under the expert difficulty setting.

Silver Mario Crown

Collect all the stars in both Worlds.

Minus Zone

In world 4, level 3. As soon as you enter the key door, go to the right side of the stage and jump on the spring. As soon as you bounce up, hold in right and the game will make a noise that sounds like you have died, yet the game keeps running. There is no way for you to exit the stage, and the timer will not run out. This is the minus zone that is found in every one of the mario games. In order to escape it, you will have to turn off yous GBA and restart the level

Level 4

Defeat the World 1 Boss

Level 5

Unlock Plus Mode

Level 6

Reach the Plus Mode Boss

Level 7 and 8

Defeat the Plus Mode Boss

Mario's food dreams

When you get a game over on a World, allow the game to idle for a few minutes. After awhile, Mario will fall asleep and mutter his favorite foods, such as ravioli, pasta, and others.


Run into fruit on vines. The fruit will fall and will kill the enemies in its path.

Level 1 and 2

Already available

Level 3

Reach the World 1 Boss