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Very Good

Doesn't "Slug" a home run, but it's still a hit

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Sep 6, 2008

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Mario and his friends are back, and they're out to save and island from Bowser and his minions by beating the bad guys in games of baseball.
Okay, the story's not at all original (it's been played out far too often in other Mario games). But the fun in these games isn't the destination, it's the journey and playing against friends.
Most of the controls are fine, but you'll have to practice quite a bit to get the batting done right.
And with a few other baseball games, problems show up in fielding. What problems show up here?
First, when the computer bunts, the AI gives me control of either the first baseman or third baseman when it is the pitcher or catcher that should make the play. When the ball rolls near the pitcher and he/she doesn't do anything to grab it, I get frustrated.
Second, line drives between two infielders or outfielders. You have a second or less to guess which fielder the AI gives you control of. Guess wrong, and the AI gets an easy hit.
Third, camera. When the AI hits the ball deep, you don't know where your character is in relation to where the ball lands, they're both off camera. And far too often, when you do find that out when they appear on camera, it's too late to make the catch.
The AI doesn't have any of these problems because it can control all nine players at once and it's not limited by the camera. I find that annoying.
Also, constantly shaking the Wiimote to make your players go faster, to pitch and bat isn't good for your arm. Good thing most games are only five innings.
But, this game has an interesting single player adventure mode with a few fun mini games, and it's a real hit when you play against a friend (that way the playing field is level, both players have to deal with the problematic fielding).
Also, the graphics are great, and Mario and his friends/enemies have not been any more charming.
Mario Super Sluggers delivers a great baseball experience, but you're best off playing it multiplayer.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Goes with Brawl and Strikers Charged.

posted by Mario3000 (LAKESIDE, AZ) Sep 6, 2008

Member since Sep 2007

Its one of the top 3 best games for wii, along with the 2 games (above). I thought this game was awesome way better than Mario Super Star baseball on gamecube. Ive been using the same team for 1 year from baseball to sluggers and its working really well. This is a great game and I would reccomend it for everyone that likes the mario sports series. The only dissapointment is no WIFI connection.

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Super Sluggers Strikes Out

posted by ShinColt (PHILADELPHIA, PA) Sep 5, 2008

Member since Aug 2005

For me, it felt like I was constantly playing catch up with this game. It had already lost points with me because I thought I would be somewhat like a baseball league. maybe 8-10 teams split up to form some sort of league, and go through league play, into playoffs and a championship. This game is nothing like that. I dealt with it, and did the Quest game that was in it. To be honest, looking for team mates got boring after I got the 3rd one. Onto game play, I'd like to think that I am pretty skilled at this game, but most of the time, I feel like this game was made with impossible odds against me so I can't progress to the next level, or get that next team mate or ballpark. The only really good parts about this game are the motion controls for pitching, batting and fielding, and the error items you can use when you have 2 batters next to each other in the line-up. It made me play the game for more than a couple hours, but for the most part, I suggest staying away from the frustration that is Mario Super Sluggers.

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