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Talk Show in a Baseball Game

posted by zxcvbn (CHESAPEAKE, VA) Sep 7, 2008

Member since Apr 2008

Mario Super Sluggers isn't a bad game, despite the score I gave it. At the core, it has great design, but some various flaws weigh it down, namely the broken challenge mode. The controls are well designed when used with the nunchuck, but you should stay away from anything else; you are unable to steal, bunt, or control your player's direction while fielding. Selecting the base to steal or the runner to send to the next base is impossible without it, and even then it's confusing. But if you have a nunchuck attachment, you should be fine.
The graphics are standard for the Wii, but player animations are nice. The multiplayer camera gives a slight disadvantage to the pitcher, but otherwise it's fine. Challenge mode is completely broken, though. Why? For one, it's not even challenging. You start out as Mario and gather 3 other team captains, all who can look for different things in different places. In fact, the entire mode is about looking for things. You'll spend 99% of your time in hopelessly drab places, with boringly repetitive music, talking to people that either want you to fix something, give you another hint on who to go to next, or see if you can beat thier "Scout Mission". Aside from talking to a character that already wants to join you, you'll have to do a Scout Mission if you want him to join your team. The Missions are always incredibly easy ("Advance the runner with a bunt!" or "Steal!"), but they are mandatory for challenging Bowser Jr. Yep, that's what the whole broken, excruciatingly painful shebang is all about. What's worse is that the only way to unlock new characters is to have them join you in challenge mode. The few minigames succeed at being merely boring, rather than broken, as challenge mode is. However, the actual ballgame
is fun and challenging, with special abilities like Laser Beam and Clamber. The special swings and pitches that team captains can use are both flashy and effective. The game is excellent, but otherwise......

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One Of The Greatest Mario Games Yet!

posted by McFlurry (DOVER, DE) Sep 7, 2008

Member since Jul 2008

When I first started the game, I used the tutorial, so I could get the hang of the controls before I began my challenge mode. It made it look very complicated, but it's a lot easier than it looks. It's a lot of fun to play alone, and even more fun if you have all four people! And with the variety of things to do like mini-games, getting characters to join your team, or even just playing a regular baseball match, It was one of the greatest mario games for the wii I've ever played, right next to Mario Kart and Super Paper Mario.

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mario super sluggers

posted by satchmo (CARRIERE, MS) Sep 6, 2008

Member since Apr 2008

This game was a huge let down! the game play was weak and involved nothing but shaking and timing both, of witch were easy. nintendo really dropped the ball with this one.

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