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GF Rating

Very Good

High Replay Value, Great Game!

posted by m311ton (MILWAUKEE, WI) Sep 2, 2009

Member since Aug 2009

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

The game is fun. That is what Wii is all about. The game moves fast, is easy to learn, and has a high replay value. I've been searching for a really fun Wii game for a while and I finally found it in Strikers Charged. This is one game you won't want to stop playing!

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GF Rating


Very good!!!!!!!

posted by colinkurt (CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OH) Feb 9, 2008

Member since Nov 2007

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

This game is very very good. It is better than the game cube version. You get to pick your captain then your sidekicks. You use a metal ball. And you can do megastrikers! This game is so well thought through there are powers! Also your captain has a special power! It is so good rent it then buy it!

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GF Rating


Gameplay = Amazing, Game = Incredibly frustrating

posted by Redliner (AUSTIN, TX) Aug 18, 2007

Member since Jan 2006

9 out of 15 gamers (60%) found this review helpful

First let me say, when the game is good, it's really good, but when it's bad it's REALLY bad.

Let me get the pros out of the way...
This is definitely a game to play with your friends. It's chaotic, fast, and ridiculous. The star players and their team members all have their own moves, special shots and "jekes" that none of the others have.

Buuuuut... if you ever hated computer assistance (a la Mario Kart making losing computers magically driver faster to make it harder), this game might cause you to stroke out.

After defeating the Fire Cup (not too challenging, but tough the first time through), it's on to the Crystal Cup. Now it gets bad, the computer charges shots faster, gets up from hits faster, it jekes and tackles faster, and it uses some very cheap tricks (like teleporting with certain characters past your goalie). So that's a huge let down, the computer over-compensates with cheating, which wouldn't be so bad, if the curve wasn't so fast. One game you're winning 12-1, the next it's quite the opposite. The computer assistance negates any skill you might have.

The next one is bad AI. Your defensive position will constantly be on on the offensive side of the court. Your team mates will run at about 75% of full speed if you aren't controlling them, and act timidly to retake the ball. The goalies are usually brick walls, blocking any normal shot. But occasionally they let by easy shots, one was actually blown into the net by wind for me.

And last, Mega Strike ruins the game! So you worked your butt off for those 3 goals, mega strike can score for up to 6. You have to use it to win, which is boring.

My advice: It's good multi player, bad single player.

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