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Mario Underpowered Tennis

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Mar 30, 2009

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Mario and his friends and enemies hit the hard court - or the grass in Mario Power Tennis.
This is the remake of the GameCube version, and unfortunately, they didn't add much to it.
There's the standard Tournament and Exhibition Modes, but I found them to be lacking in single player.
Even the Special Events mini games felt bland. Painting a picture of five different characters wasn't exciting; it was more frustrating than anything. Hitting balls into that ball and chain creature wasn't any better. So I went back to the simpler modes of this game.
I've played a few matches against the AI only to be bored by the action. This isn't Top Spin 3 where you can place the ball where you choose; you just have to put your character in the right place and blindly swing the Wiimote at the right time.
Most often, it will result in a won point, and soon I was winning matches with ease.
I could bump up the difficulty settings, but that still won't give me any thrills; the presentation here is far too basic and the action is too slow.
Multiplayer is available, but only offline multiplayer. Grab a friend (or three) and you might have a good time utilizing the different courts or the before mentioned mini games the game has to offer. Then again, you might not.
I found Mario Power Tennis not to be an engaging, thrilling tennis simulation to play. SKIP IT.

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Very Good

Old game, new controls

posted by SergeantPope (CHARLESTON, IL) Mar 15, 2009

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If youve ever played Mario Tennis, then you know this is a good game and is a good game to transfer over to the Wii. This is one of the first Tennis games for the Wii and its published by Nintendo so you know they didnt cut very many corners. That said, they also didnt make a completely new game which they didnt really need to do, but it wouldve been nice. This game is basically cut and paste from the Gamecube version other than the controls. The controls are really good though and its not like they did this in a few hours. It seems like they actually spent a little bit of time in doing that. It has no online which wouldve been really good on this. Nothing besides the controls have been added or improved. But that doesnt make this game bad and is still one of the only good tennis games out there. Also you can use the gamecube controler for this game aswell so its like both versions combined.

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Truly Lacking

posted by MikenDeb (SACRAMENTO, CA) Jun 9, 2009

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Mario Power tennis takes everything that's good about Wii Sports Tennis and completely screws it up. Way too many things happening on the screen and awkward close-ups of "Power Shots" during game play disorient the player, providing ample opportunities to ask the question, "what just happened there?"

Highly recommend avoiding this title.

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