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Mario Power Tennis

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Also on:Wii
GF Rating

1130 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Mario Power Tennis

Control Stick Move. Left/Right Just Before Hitting = Direct Shot.
A Button Topspin Shots
B Button Slice Shots
X Button Topspin Shots
Y Button Slice Shots
Z Button Change Camera (One-Player Game Only)
L Button Cancel Charge Shots
R Button Hit Power Shots (Hold When Raquet is Lit, With A or B Button)
Start/Pause Pause Menu
Combo #1 Hold L Button + A or B Button = Jump Toward Ball
Combo #2 Double-Tap A Button = Strong Topspin Shot
Combo #3 Double-Tap B Button = Strong Slice Shot
Combo #4 A Button, B Button = Lob Shot
Combo #5 B Button, A Button = Drop Shot
Combo #6 A Button + B Button = Smash Shot (When Star-Shaped Smash Point Marker Appears)
Combo #7 R Button + B Button = Defensive Power Shot (When Raquet is Lit)
Combo #8 To Serve, Press A or B Button, then A Button again for Topspin Serve, B Button again for Slice Serve, and A + B Button again for Flat Serve
Combo #9 A Button or B Button Before Opponent Serves = Taunt