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Mario party ds

posted by banana330 (TOWNSEND, MA) Mar 7, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

very fun game even thought i'm kind of bad at it well the game wasen't the best i thought it would be i was hoping it ad boo as a person

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4 player minigames with just one DS game

posted by TandD99 (HAYWARD, CA) Feb 25, 2008

Member since Jan 2007

Mario Party DS is nothing new to those who played it on Gamecube or N64. To those unawares its like playing a board game based on several themes. You play as one of 8 mario characters, roll dice, and keep items like warp pipes to give you an edge on the board. The object is still the same, collect stars with the coins gathered from special squares on the board, or by wining the minigame held after everyones turn.
The DS difference is the story mode is shorter, only 10 rounds, and the random minigames (some 60+) each use the various features of DS... blowing into the microphone to knock a Thwomp down on your opponents, drawing circles around fast moving objects with your stylus, and running from a vaccum with the dpad and buttons. There are also boss fights if your character wins on one of the 10-round story mode board (more rounds are selectable in party mode), these boss fights are one player, and some are interesting.

I like the grab n go style of this. It autosaves after every 4 turns, which is nice for on-the-spot playing. The mini-games are just as bright and colorful as they were on the bigger systems, which really impressed me. I also felt the DS features were well represented through the various games. I also liked less games seemed to be based on mad luck (like most of the later Gamecube versions). and the item shop is very affordable, this is good and bad depending on how you like players weilding double dice on the smaller boards. Without a doubt the best feature of this is needing only one Mario Party cartridge to play a game with friends. No wi-fi play, but still, great deal.

I didnt like there seems to be no difficulty select, there is an expert mode, but nothing to choose from when you first turn it on.
Also as far as unlockables, there are no minigames or boards to purchase as in previous games, just prop items are awarded.

I highly recommend this game to mario party fans. Social gamers should also check this out.

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Kid loved it

posted by scooterge (BALLWIN, MO) Feb 19, 2008

Member since Aug 2003

Well this game was for my kid, as it should have been with it being a Mario title. He liked it pretty well, that's the reason for the 7 rating. Personally, I didn't care for the game much, got bored with it real quick. Didn't seem like it was a good game, very repetitive. My 7 year old kid loved the game and wanted to keep it longer, but even he could not get the game to do much more than just a couple of things.

From me, this game would have received about a 3, but for him, he loved it, so I have to give it a 7, for those that it's geared for. It's obviously a kid's title.

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