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Less fun than 8, thank you Gamefly for saving $50

posted by gamermom2112 (WEST BEND, WI) Nov 19, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

Mario Party 8 was a family favorite of ours ranging in age from 8 to -let's just say a few over 40. IWe were anxious to rent the new version (Thank Gamefly I didn't waste $50 on it).
1) Instead of moving around the "boards" as individual game-pieces (or as a team, if chosen) it's now everyone for themselves and all players ride in the same vehicle (game piece) with whomever's turn it is being the "Captain". That's weird. While I can understand that it speeds up the gameplay a bit, part of the fun was racing againt your opponents to reach the end first (i.e. the fun of playing any traditional board game).

2) A shared "pawn" removes the opportunity to chose different paths as in now, when met with a junction, each player decides the direction they want to go in, place a vote and then a wheel is spun to determine which route you'll ALL take. That removes a lot of the strategic planning/game playing.

3.) As a result of having a "shared" pawn, they've also eliminated the ability to determine the length of gameplay.

4) The mini-games are, from what I can tell so far, not as fun or varied as in 8, the exception being that you are given a selction of 3 games and can chose which you want to play, rather than the random mode of before.

5) The "candy vendors" have been replaced by spaces where you can get a specialized die/and or a star. You can't buy specific "candy/ammo" to use against opponents. The option of chosing to buy a "a slow roll die, or blowaway, vampire, duelio, or springo candy" to use against opponents is gone.

6) The bowser squares now involve a random slot machine of anything from playing a game type (free for all, 1 VS 3, etc) gaining 10,000 mini-stars, to giving stars to the last place person. It really sucked watching the third place person always give stars to the only slightly more last place player.

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GF Rating

Really Bad

Mario Party 9

posted by kibaluna (SEMINOLE, FL) Nov 12, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

Mario Party 9...well, to be honest, I thought 8 was better than 9. You can't move around the board as your own character. You're all in this little buggy that moves around the board and you all just take turns hitting the dice. Kind of lost it a bit there for me. And the setup with the stars just didn't quite seem the same. In here it's almost like, "hey stars are free if you land here". It's not like in the previous ones where you had to 'work' for the stars. Which you should have to, they are your 'reward'.
The mini games didn't really seem all that interesting either. Not that they are really that spectacular in the Party games, but, they could barely hold my interest. Halfway through the boards I was already done with it. I had a hard time making it through one board just keeping my attention. All-in-all, it's an ok game. A 2 out of 5.

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Did not like

posted by DerekB2012 (STONE MOUNTAIN, GA) Nov 10, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

I did not like this Mario Party at all. Too many changes. No minigames after every four rounds, all the players stayed together. I did however like the mini-boss and boss fights in the levels.

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