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posted by Waluigiyo (ALBANY, NY) Jun 22, 2014

Member since Jun 2014

Ok so here is the many times can one possibly play 1-3 mini games? Gun the runner? Power trip? I mean come on people. The DS version is so much better!!!! I was so excited when I got this game and don't get me wrong, many times it is very fun. But last night when I played the Shy Guy Express level....lets just say it is extremely aggravating. Effing bowser felt the need to show up every time i made it to the star location.........only to give my poor bottom 10 coins. Yeah! No!
The stages could be much improved. I love the Goomba stage and of course bowser stage ("who ordered a cartful of stupid??????)
but the mini games are very repetitive and I wish hammer bra wasn't so vindictive at ALL times. Boo is dumb as heck. Basically Waluigi is the best and only decent player
Mini game summary: mosh pit = best minigame
grabbin for gold/ road to victory = WORST
I love mario party games a lot and play every single night with my sibs. I hope mario party 9 is better. Lets just say Im glad this was a gift and I didn't pay for it.


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One of the best games for friends.

posted by Quicksilver84 (SPRINGFIELD, IL) Jul 23, 2013

Member since Jul 2013

The Good: Get some friends together and enjoy a round (or at least 15 for crying out loud) of Mario Party 8. Pick your avatar from the Mario crew and make your way through the boards to see who gets the most stars and is the Super Star of the game after several rounds of mini-games.

The Bad: Its not as fun when playing solo.

The Ugly: Some minigames leave you with a lot of innuendo and perverse comments. You've been warned kiddies.

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Very Good

Fun If You're Into Mini-games

posted by mbalmerswife (BETHANY, OK) Mar 11, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

This was a fun game for my husband and children. The kids loved the characters & the minigames. I didn't really like it but mini-games aren't really my thing. Over-all it is a game we are purchasing for the kids.

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