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Nothing New, But Still Fun

posted by bjtdevera (Las Vegas, NV) Jun 6, 2007

Member since Apr 2007

How is it different from past Mario Parties:
1 - Games use the wiimote
2 - You can use credits to unlock games that can be played using your Miis.

That's about it. Hudsonsoft has kept the same formula for 7 sequels, and I can't really blame them. Has Monopoly changed over the years? No! It's fine the way it is, why change it!?

My only gripe is the fact that the games aren't widescreen. Some people say that the graphics aren't very good, and they're right; but who buys Mario Party 8 for the graphics!?

If you have friends, buy this game. If not, then pass, cuz it's not much of a one-player game.

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Above Average

fun but gets old fast...

posted by nameismud (NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA) Jun 6, 2007

Member since May 2005

Mario Party has been one of the greatest series that Nintendo has released for its consoles. Unfortunately (for me) this edition does not live up to the hype of bringing the series to the Wii. I'm not saying this game is completely boring and unoriginal. It keeps you entertained for about 2-3 times you play through it. The motion sensing based minigames get old quick and too repetitive. There isn't much you do with the wiimote to make it intuitive. This game's worth checking out, but not a keeper.

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Fun game ... No Widescreen !!

posted by PRisoNR (NORA SPRINGS, IA) Jun 6, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

OK, Its a Mario Party game and its a good fun game (especially with more than 2 players).

But NO WIDESCREEN SUPPORT! Instead they put bright static crosshatch images along the sides of your widescreen TV. So if you have a plasma TV and play a long game (which is common), what do you get ??

That's right !!! A nice BURNT IN image of their vertical bars. They couldn't even include a moving image or some way to avoid burn-in. What were they thinking. Don't buy or rent if you have a plasma wide-screen TV !!!!

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