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Really Bad

Seriously, 8?

posted by Daklathen (SAN JOSE, CA) Jun 6, 2007

Member since Jan 2006

I got the game in the mail, grabbed a couple mates, got a pack of beer and sat down to relive our childhood. Unfortunately we should have seen a shrink instead. The controls, for one, really sucked. There were rules, practice and demonstrations for each mini game event but bloody good luck getting the remotes to respond in the way you wanted. It felt as if the Wii was trying to get you to do certain things that weren't even on your agenda, as if the control "tilt right" was macrod to tilt right, go down, do a loop-de-loop and then.... well we don't need to go there.

Graphics? Laggy... for a board game... How do you even DO that?? The sound would cut in and out and there were pauses for 1-2 minutes between switching games. We first thought, oh the disk must be scratched or have fuzz on it. No, it was just a buggy game.

Seriously, after 8 mario party games you think they could have made it work more smoothly on the Wii.

It was equivalent to playing Half Life: 2 on a computer with 256mb of RAM.

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posted by OldManWii (LINDENHURST, IL) Jun 6, 2007

Member since May 2007

Other than the graphics and game play this was great. Really, how anyone could release something this bad is beyond me.

Unless you have very young children SKIP THIS!!!!

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Nothing New, But Still Fun

posted by bjtdevera (Las Vegas, NV) Jun 6, 2007

Member since Apr 2007

How is it different from past Mario Parties:
1 - Games use the wiimote
2 - You can use credits to unlock games that can be played using your Miis.

That's about it. Hudsonsoft has kept the same formula for 7 sequels, and I can't really blame them. Has Monopoly changed over the years? No! It's fine the way it is, why change it!?

My only gripe is the fact that the games aren't widescreen. Some people say that the graphics aren't very good, and they're right; but who buys Mario Party 8 for the graphics!?

If you have friends, buy this game. If not, then pass, cuz it's not much of a one-player game.

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