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Super Fun!!

posted by Utes2k5 (SOUTH JORDAN, UT) Jun 3, 2007

Member since May 2007

This game is awesome!! The mini-game play is very fun and the controls are not tricky at all. The main reason I wanted to rent this game is so that me and my buddies would have something to do if we were just sitting back maybe having a few drinks, and this game is all I could ask for and then some!!

I highly recommend this game to anyone looking to pick up and play.

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Best Mario Party Game!!!

posted by chimp2pimp (LAS VEGAS, NV) Jun 3, 2007

Member since May 2007

This game is awesome.Mini games on this are awesome.They are way better than any other mario party.The party mode is pretty cool because every stage has its different way of getting stars.The only bad thing is that they got rid of the DK and Bowser mini games.But they kept the spots.

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Very Good

Same old Mario Party. But Mario Party's fun!

posted by MrKrazy (MESA, AZ) Jun 3, 2007

Member since Apr 2007

The Good: Game works really well with Wii-mote, graphics are quite nice in 480p, gameplay is actually somewhat improved.

The Bad: Computer players seem to cheat, luck has infiltrated the game.

The graphics are actually quite nice. The menus actually look a little better than Zelda, I think. However, to widescreen owners' dismay, there is a huge carnival-ly border on the sides of the screen, just begging to burn in the screen.
Widescreen borders aside, the game has a few added touches, such as spaces lighting up as your character steps over them.

OK, here's the story: you pick a character.(assume he's Mario) Mario goes to the Star Carnival, where MC Ballyhoo offers him a year's supply of candy for finishing the "Star Battle". Mario hastily agrees, and then you're off to the board games. Unless you have a widescreen TV (see Graphics), the carnival theme doesn't stick, and you're just playing same old Mario Party. However, Mario Party doesn't need a Zelda-esque story, so not too many points deducted.
9/10 (Because it doesn't need a story)

It's same old Mario Party. But "same old Mario Party", contrary to most critics, is pretty much perfected. However, they messed a few things up in this game. First of all, it's so easy to get coins, the minigames don't really matter. Second of all, the Donkey Kong and Lucky spaces tend to give out free stars to the player who lands on them. This would be great... if they checked to make sure they were giving charity to the underdog, and not current leader. Also, it seems the computer players, no matter how good you are at the game, are always winning in the board game segments.

For the most part, it sounds good; however, Yoshi sounds different. MC Ballyhoo can speak fluent English on common phrases, but then he'll say something like "Shnaio Niao" or "Bobely hoo" and the text box will translate. It just seems inconsistent.

Overall: 7.9/10 (not a total)

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