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Mario Party 6

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Gameplay Controls

Mario Party 6

In-Game Tutorial: If you are playing Party Mode or Solo Mode for the first time, view the Tutorial to find out everything you need to know.

Mini-Game Controls: The game explanation screen before each Mini- Game will tell you how to play and give you tips on how to win. Press Z Button to practice the Mini-Game. Press L Button/R Button to flip through game control pages. Start Button starts the Mini-Game.

Microphone and Voice Commands: The microphone button has to be pushed in when speaking into the mic. The following Voice Commands give the following orders:
"Grab the Star" = Pick up Star
"Run" = Run With Star (Repeat for More Speed)
"Jump" = Leap Over Obstacles
"Move Down" = Change Lanes Down
"Move Up" = Change Lanes Up
"Freeze" = Stop
"Reverse" = Go Backward
"Mario Party" = Call for Help
Say Special Command Word (When it Appears) = Supercharge Partners

Control Stick Move Character. Move Cursor. Change Menu Selection. Scroll Around Game Board.
Control Pad Used for Mini-Game Controls
A Button Hit Dice Block. Confirm Menu Selection.
B Button Cancel/Back
X Button Scroll Around Game Board (Hold)
Y Button View Overhead Map of Game Board
Z Button Practice Mini-Games
L Button Used for Mini-Games. Scroll Through Mini-Game Explanation Pages.
R Button Used for Mini-Games. Scroll Through Mini-Game Explanation Pages.
C Stick Used for Mini Game Controls.
Start/Pause Pause