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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Air tricks

To do an air trick you need to find a jump. When you're on the jump shake your remote on the jump and then you will do a trick. When you touch the ground you will have a boost.

Dodge blue shells

Get in first place while holding a mushroom, when there is a blue shell, then use a mushroom when it is about to attack.

Avoid POW blocks the easy way

All you need to do is shake the Wii wheel as soon as the POW block has gone. You will spin once and then continue as normal leaving the others biting your dust.

Amazing Wheelie!

Use a bike and flick the Wii Wheel up while driving along- it does a wheelie!

Faster Turns

Most people think that all they have to do to be first is to use their use shortcuts. But another thing to do is to go in the inside curves. This saves about 7 seconds of your time. What I mean is that if the next curve is to the left (or right) , you can stay as close to the left (or right if turn is to the right) wall as possible without hitting it while doing the turn. This shortens the track. If you noticed, most of the shortcuts are located at the inside of the next turn. This is why shortcuts are fast.

Jump Over The Mountain In Mushroom Gorge

Ever saw the World Champion On Mushroom Gorge? He Jumped Right Over The Mountain Correct? You must use a mushroom to bounce on the bounce-shroom at a 30 degree angle towards the Mountain. Do a trick at the very edge of the bounce-shroom and then perform a wheelie on the mountain. I actually think it's gonna be jumping over the side of the mountain.

Mirror 150cc Differences

Mirror 150cc Is different in several ways. Heres a list. 1) The race track is a mirror image of itself. 2) The difficulty of the opponents is increased (the bigger ranks (like star ranks) will raise the difficulty even more). 3)The items are a mirror image of itself 4) The VS screen is in reverse. 5) Luigi's cap will have a reversed L. 6) Waluigi will have a reversed, upside-down L on his cap.

Avoiding POW Blocks

POW blocks slow you down. If you see a POW block above your character, hurry and get in the air. Your opponents will get hit, but you wont.

Shell Dodger

The shells bother everyone when in 1st right? Well there is a trick to avoid them. Get in the air quickly, and boom! The shell is destroyed. The three shells, The Blue shell, Red Shell, and Green Shell are all a pain, so you can dodge them all!

A better way to avoid POW blocks

When there is a POW block above your head,at the last moment do a wheelie or a trick.You will lose your items still but you will only spin around once and keep on going instead of spinning around three times and accelerating back up again.

Non-slip Banana

If you run over a banana while doing a wheelie on a bike, you wont slip!

Starting Boost

At the beginning of the race when the numbers are counting down, wait until the 2 starts to disappear and then press and hold the II button. You'll get a speed boost at the beginning of the race. This also works when you're recovering after falling off the track. Just hit the II button as soon as your kart or bike hits the ground and you'll get a boost.