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Good, but with problems

posted by koolkittie (WARRENVILLE, IL) Jun 11, 2006

Member since Feb 2006

In 1993, we were treated to multiplayer extravaganza, Super Mario Kart, since then, the Mario Kart series has been the best kart racer series ever, then, about 2 years ago. Mario Kart Double Dash!! came out. This game was welcomed with variance.

The idea of Double Dash is to add two racers instead of one. The idea is pretty cool, but has many problems.

Problem 1: single player
The 1player mode is very dificult and boring, the reason is simple. This game, when not used in co-op, has many problems, this game encourages you to do the co-op mode, which has many problems. The problem is, without the co-op, you'll miss out on: Double Dashes (special boosts)
Improved stearing
and more!
Ptoblem 2: Co-op
Co-op has many problems, especially when human nature comes across, people will probably fight for jobs, though both jobs are fun, they get old after a while without the other.
Problem 3: Uber dificulty
What I mean is. The computers are greatly improved from Mario Kart 64, but they aren't very realistic anymore, they're very agressive and they stear wonderfully! On levels where survival is dificult. coughencoughRainbowroadco- ughencoughwariocoloseum

This game still has many problems and fun parts. The battle mode stages aren't as great as they used to be Maro Kart 64, and many items have gone away, probably to promote the special item system.

The special item system is intresting. (and it makes unlocking characters more desirable), but it unbalances the game, considering most Mario Kart games are balanced in a better manner.

This game isn't bad, though. The unlockable Karts are great, even though they seem more like Kars than Karts. The graphics are last-gen looking,though.

I've heard info on an online mode, which is always fun!

The music is awesome though!

Presentation: 8/10: very appealing at the start
Graphics: 4/10 : low quality for a GCN game
Sound: 9/10 : great music and sound
Lasting appeal: 5/10 : won't last long

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