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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Bowser level help

In the bowser level when Bowser is shooting fire out of his big head, when you come up to that hole with boiling lava take the jump and sometimes you can make it over. I would prefer that you use the mushroom girl and boy or use a speedy mushroom.

Cool Jumps

In mushroom city/bridge use star and bump into a car. this should make the car jump.


When racing, there will be cars with mushrooms in the back. Hit those car and a mushroom will appear on the field.

Dino Dino Jungle speed up

In dino dino jungle, after you go on the bridges you will find yourself in a big place with water shooting up. Turn to your right and there will be a woodin jump. Go on that, and when your on it, use something that will speed you up.

Dino Dino Jungle speed up

After the cave turn right and go off the jump. You will need a mushroom or a star. It should shave of about 5 to 7 sec.

Shoot out 135mph

A lot of you probably know this. In daisy cruiser, when you get in an area with a big hole, go into that hole after you fall in the hole, you will se a big red thing. Go in that and it will shoot you out at 135mph.

Free bonuses

If you win every single race on every difficulty except the allstar cup on mirror mode, and then save, turn off your console. Turn it back on again and it will say you have completed and unlocked the bonus' without even racing!

Shortcut for mushroom city

If you are driving by the bridge when you are about to cross the finish line you can go up the side of the bridge and there will be tons of turbos! Just be careful 'cause it might take some practice!

Shortcut in Mushroom City

After the very first turn, stay to the right of the track while still going straight. You'll see a purple carpet that goes off the track. Follow that carpet and back out to the track. It will put you in either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.

Short cut for Yoshi's circuit

When you start before you go in the tunnel there will be a pit where you can go through but this will only work with a mushroom.