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Mario Golf: Advance Tour


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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Unlock Azalea

Defeat Azalea in match play.

Unlock Donkey Kong (Star

Defeat Donkey Kong in match play.

Unlock Gene

Defeat Gene in match play.

Unlock Grace

Defeat Grace in match play.

Unlock Joe

Defeat Joe in match play.

Unlock Kid

Defeat Kid in match play.


Have 54 Birdie Badges in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour.

Custom Clubs Ticket D

Score par or less on the Coo Coo course.

Custom Clubs Ticket E

Defeat Monty Mole at the Links course.

Connection bonuses

Use a link cable to connect to Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour on a Gamecube. The game stats and tournament ranks, as well as any experience earned by shared characters in both games will be transferred to Mario Golf: Advance Tour.


Have 81 Birdie Badges in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour.


Transfer your experience in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour.


Have 27 Best Badges in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour.

Mushroom tournament

Win all the tournaments to unlock the option of playing against Mario in the Mushroom Tournament.

Change partner's name

After winning the Doubles Links Cup, enter your partners room. Then, press A while looking at the lamp.

Custom Clubs Ticket A

Enter the Custom Club Shop. Look in the upper-left cabinet to find a Custom Ticket.

Custom Clubs Ticket B

Knock out the Bloopers in the Palms Practice Area.

Custom Clubs Ticket C

Knock out The Pokey in the Dunes Practice Area

Custom Clubs Ticket D

After defeating Kid in match play, go back and talk to him to get the extremely rare Custom Ticket D.

Unlock Mario (Star

Defeat Mario in match play.

Unlock Peach (Star

Defeat Peach in match play.

Unlock Putts

Defeat Putts in match play.

Unlock Sherry

Defeat Sherry in match play.

Unlock Tiny

Defeat Tiny in match play.

Unlock Yoshi (Star

Defeat Yoshi in match play.