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GF Rating


mario needs more RPGs!

posted by gamer5 (LAVEEN, AZ) Oct 27, 2007

Member since Oct 2007

1 out of 2 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

Besides the obvious this game is cool. i like you you go from quest from quest from just one quest. i also like the twist when bowser loses his memory. mario's only other RPGs are partners in time and paper mario, he needs more.

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Not as good as Mario RPG, but still excllent

posted by GarBaer04 (WINSLOW, ME) Aug 16, 2006

Member since Jan 2006

1 out of 2 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

The first time I met Mario was Super Mario Bros. from then on the plumber was in my heart. Then i found anouther luv, Finaly Fantsy 7. After playing ff7 i said 2 my self "they should make a mario rpg other than paper mario". But 2 my suprise they did, mario rpg. I rember watching it on my friend's snes w/totall aww. Then i heard that they was making a mario rpg 4 the gba. I couldnt wait. And the game delivered on all the points but 1. I was mad 2 find out that i was restricted 2 only playing as mario and luigi. It would have gotin a 10 if it wasn't 4 this.

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Tedious beyond all words.

posted by TMike22 (LITTLETON, CO) Jul 24, 2006

Member since Jul 2006

2 out of 5 gamers (40%) found this review helpful

Press start to switch to Luigi, do spin jump, press start to switch back to Mario, do high jump, press start... etc etc for the rest of the game.

This game is too tedious to finish. Every action in this game requires two or three button presses before you can even do it. You have to press L or R to switch to either hammer or a special jump, then once you complete it you have to press L or R again to switch back to normal jump to continue on.

The battle system isn't any better. Everything requires perfect timing. Miss the timing by just a little bit and you take damage or you don't do as much damage against the enemy. This wouldn't be so bad except there is no way to heal outside of battle apart from using items.

Then you have the mini-games. I'll use the mine cart game as an example. You have to guide the light so you can see what's ahead of you, jump each bro individually to grab the diamonds, and shine the light on the bats so they don't hit you and make you lose diamonds, all at the same time. You need a set number of diamonds by the end or you have to do it all over again. Even worse: you have to do this every time you want passed that part of the game. There's no way around it.

I give this game a 5. I had a little fun at the beginning of the game, and the humor and story are great. I just can't get passed the horrible level design and the way you have to navigate through it.

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