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A game with depth? On the DS?

posted by linkfan5 (FALLBROOK, CA) Jun 20, 2007

Member since Feb 2006

Yes, as strange as it may seem that the DS has an involved title mixed in with all its casual games, it is true. Partners in Time offers a robust combat system and fairly decent story that is well worth your time if you are looking for something to play on nintendo's handheld.

The combat system is thee defining trait and for good reason. Attacking consists of timed jumps and thumps with baby Mario and baby Luigi's hammers. The crew off four and also deploy a set of special items, coined Bros. Items, ranging from turtle shells to fire flowers to even flowers that make millions of copy's of the brothers. The defense is one of the best parts about the fights. When the baddies attack you are given the chance to defend through the use of QTA's (quick time actions).

Apart from awesome battles with the numerous monsters of the mushroom kingdom, Partners also offers a story that is not perfect but isn't half bad. Mario and his brother Luigi are asked to go on yet another adventure to save the princess who has been captured while traveling through time. It may seem generic at first but as the game progresses it develops into some thing that will keep you wanting to play.

The adventuring and puzzle solving in the game can be a little troublesome at time but is never too hard that you have to consulte gamefaqs. All in all Partners is a good time for your money. Now it can be found for around $20 and for that small fee you get a deep, soild RPG that will be sure to give your thumbs a work out.

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The greatest game in mario game!!!!

posted by treehooper (HILLROSE, CO) Feb 27, 2007

Member since Mar 2003

Maybe Nintedo might make a better mario game like Wario Master Of Disguise.But Mario and Luigi,Parters in time is a super cool game!My favorite enemys are RC shroobs.You will find many other types of enemys and shroobs.

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Very Good

Are you 11?

posted by sfontana (BROOKLYN, NY) Jul 31, 2006

Member since Jun 2006

Okay...the game is cute. Its not a compelling story that will entice you to play for hours on end. It is a simple story based on our beloved mario and luigi. The combat is ....just as simple as the characters themselves. But as simple and this game is, its is just as much fun. The story doesn't keep you playing , but the fun of the game does.

Whats funny about the game is that in the classic mario world....jumping on the head of your opponent knocks it out...and that is the way battles work here. You bop them on the head and it is seriously...funny. If you pick this are guaranteed a fun time.

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