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Mario & Luigi: Dream Team


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GF Rating

Very Good

mario & luigi dream team

posted by Ryu__1752 (ANAHEIM, CA) Sep 16, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

Game is good if u can get pass the dialogue. The story is ok and play is good

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GF Rating

Very Good

a good mario and luigi rpg but has 1 disapointment

posted by peterce1111 (EAST LONGMEADOW, MA) Sep 1, 2013

Member since Apr 2012

I have all of the Mario and luigi rpgs and I have enjoyed all of them. but this one has one major disappointment:

when u begin a battle in bowser's inside story (the 3rd one) the bros say "letsa go okie dokie" and sadly


the other thing that kinda bugs me is that when ur in the dream world luigi helps u and u get to use a special attack called a luigiary move where he turns many luigi's into a ball u roll and u gotta tilt the 3ds in the direction like driving and its very annoying to do but I do like the other abilities u get to do in the dream world plus u r helping people in this game so I would say this game is good but not as good as bowser's inside story.

this game is worth a rent if u have played and owned the other Mario and luigi rpgs.

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GF Rating


Not particularly dreamy

posted by MetalMario (PITTSFIELD, NH) Aug 25, 2013

Member since Apr 2010

To my disappointment, I'd have to say that "Dream Team" is the weakest of the Mario & Luigi series of RPGs. The graphics, music, and 3D are all excellent, and it's got some interesting ideas overall, but, as I played through the game, I found that I was underwhelmed and irritated more often than I was impressed. The pacing is very slow, and there's A LOT of talking and tutoring. In this particular regard, it's a worse offender than any other Mario RPG. By the time the support characters finally piped down a bit and let me just play the game, I was well into my fourth hour! Not only that, but the story and characters lack the charm, whimsy, and humor of previous M&L games. The new villain, in particular, is extraordinarily boring. I found many of the late-game boss battles to be annoying because of some gimmick or other that was being pushed, particularly the reliance on tilting the 3DS to steer something.

All in all, I can't justify giving "Dream Team" less than a 7, but I can't go any higher than that either.

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