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GF Rating


Great game play, great time.

posted by hiltsc (RENTON, WA) Apr 21, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

Jumps and hammers, dodging and counter-attacks; it's everything you love about the traditional turn-based Mario RPG. With the addition of playing as Bowser for portions of the game, with a mechanic similar to (but not exactly like) the Bros., it makes for a DS title that I think would be sure to please any fan of the Paper Mario series, or Partners in Time.

Bowser's Inside Story has a variety of fun (though sometimes slightly frustrating) mini-games used to advance the story and keep an exciting pace. It really broke up the endless string of jump-click-click of the main Bros. battles--I never felt like I was grinding. Even the hardest of mini-games weren't Dark Souls-frustrating. I only had to play through twice, maybe three times if I messed up early on. Most I beat on the first go-round.

The story was a bit odd and not entirely cohesive, but amusing all the same. The "big bad" usually got me grinning and Bowser's lines were all pretty funny, including his exchanges with various minions that you meet and rescue. The dialogue between Bowser and the star sprite on the box art is great--try to imagine how Bowser might interact with Navi!

Bowser's Inside Story is pretty short (about 18 hours to beat playing extremely casually), and pretty easy (there are quite a few "second chance" items that I never had to use), but I enjoyed every minute of playing it. Lots of save points around and since it's turn-based, it's an easy game to carry with you on the run and grab a few minutes of play here and there.

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One Small step for Bowser.

posted by Zstar (FINCASTLE, VA) Feb 26, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

This game was an extreme enjoyment!!! Superstar Sega was a disapointment in my book but thanks to this game being soooooooooooooooooo fun I am extremly excited about Mario and Luigi: Dream Team. The Main reason why I love this game is because it makes me think bowser IS TOTALLY BOSS!!!!! This game really made me love Bowser and not just see him as an anoying final boss. This true love for bowser will hpefully make Nintendo give him his very own game.

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Very Happily Surprised

posted by WitchDocta (RICHMOND, TX) Jan 22, 2013

Member since Jul 2010

To tell you the truth when I saw that this game was coming next I let out an audible moan. This game was not in my top 10 so I was planning to be disappointed, I was even thinking about not even playing it and just sending it straight back. Boy am I glad I didn't. This game is an amazing mix of fun humor and varying combat. Each enemy has their own attack pattern which you have to figure out in order to keep Mario and Luigi from dying. This element kept the game fresh and enjoyable throughout the entire story. All and all this turned out to be one of my favorite DS games.

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