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Very Fun, But Challenging!

posted by mukluk (AMESBURY, MA) Sep 26, 2009

Member since Sep 2009

12 out of 14 gamers (86%) found this review helpful

This is a very good game. Lots of challenges, but very fun! Switching between the two story lines of Mario and Luigi and Bowser makes the game even more exciting. I love it how some things you do as the Mario Bros can effect Bowser and what you do as Bowser can effect the Mario bros. This game can be somewhat confusing at first because you have to press two separate buttons to do things for the two Bros. For example, to jump you have to press A for Mario and B for Luigi. Overall I give this game a 9. I recommend trying it first and if you really like it, just press the keep button to have it forever. Hope this helped you decide to get this game or not. Thanks for reading!

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Best DS game since Zelda

posted by gamecat78 (DENTON, TX) Sep 21, 2009

Member since Jul 2008

5 out of 6 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

This is the best DS game I have played since Zelda (which was why I bought a DS in the first place). It is simple enough to pick up and play, but challenging enough that I keep playing to see what happens next. The controls are simple, but original. The story line is funny. I would definitely suggest that you rent or buy this game.

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Pleasantly Surprised

posted by zorba1994 (SAN DIEGO, CA) Sep 27, 2009

Member since Jul 2008

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

When I booted this game, I found myself pleasantly surprised. It takes a new look at mario gameplay, utilizing a mixture of horizontal and vertical plane gameplay, as well as a graphics system reminiscent of Yoshi’s Island games. In it, through as series of events, Bowser ends up sucking up all of Mushroom Kingdom, Mario and Luigi included. The gameplay proceeds both with Mario and Luigi solving puzzles and adventuring on the inside of Bowser, and Bowser adventuring on the outside world trying to find out who’s responsible for this. It sports a new combat system that is a pleasing combination of turn based and minigame/reflex based systems, and should appeal to RPG players as well as traditional Mario diehards. Overall, it plays like a puzzle centric RPG; you level up, fight baddies, but the real thrill is figuring out how to pass obstacles to get to the next level, not killing everything in your path. Another thing that is done well are the seamless transitions between Bowser and Mario/Luigi, and you have to do this several times to get past some “levels”. This ranges from Bowser having to drink water to flood otherwise unreachable areas of a level, to Mario having to punch Bowser’s nervous cortex to give him an energy boost, to fighting cooperatively in battles; Bowser sucking up enemies in to be decimated by Mario and Luigi. Finally, the game has some hilarious dialogue, and I feel it channels the Bowser’s one-track-mind
full of furious aggression very nicely, as well as in an original manner. While it gets off to a slow start, and forces you to save at “save blocks” instead of whenever you want, this is a solid Mario title that should appeal to fans and newcomers alike.

Overall: Rent


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