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Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story


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Very Good

mario + luigi + bowser = FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by YOSHIEGG42 (BELLMORE, NY) Dec 6, 2009

Member since Nov 2009

Mario and luigi bowsers inside story is the best game ever. i'll tell you why:good action as you fight as BOWSER outside his body and THE BROS inside bowser. Also when you inhale certain enimies with bowser you fight them with the bros!Its a pretty challenging game but it is well worth the moola.[money]. P.S if you have any trouble go to the faqs section of this game. that will tell you how to beat it. I obviasly give this game a 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 but i can only rate up to 10.Well lastly if you want a game that you will be playing NONSTOP then you should buy this one. Oh whoops I got to get back to the game! Well see you later!

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GF Rating



posted by jjjjjjjj (LIVINGSTON, NJ) Nov 27, 2009

Member since Nov 2009

this game rocks it is so funny
im not finished yet but it has been awsome up to where i am so far

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GF Rating

Above Average

Pretty Good for DS

posted by Metyxfly (GREENVILLE, WI) Nov 23, 2009

Member since Dec 2006

This game is ok, and I don't regret renting it. However, I returned it before finishing the game -- because I grew bored. The earlier "Mario and Luigi" games were far better, in my opinion. The novelty of being "inside" Bowser was certainly fun at first, but I think this game is lacking in some of the key role-playing/leveling aspects that make a game like this addictive.

In other words, I hate it when every other fight gives you new abilities and cut scenes, etc. It feels like most of your time is spent learning new abilities and not enough time is spent USING them to fight and solve puzzles.

Also: the DS is getting a bit dated, and I'm playing more and more PS3 and XBox games. So, playing this latest Mario and Luigi game felt like a pretty big step backward (whereas earlier editions had more novelty and newness going for them.)

Anyway, if the DS is your main platform and you are looking for a decent game, this one is worth a rental. I'd play the earlier titles in the series first if you are new to these games. Superstar Adventure was excellent, and better than Bowser's Inside Story.

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