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I can't stand the bashing this game is getting...

posted by Virtuater (IRVINE, CA) Nov 2, 2007

Member since Nov 2006

13 out of 22 gamers (59%) found this review helpful

OK, this game isn't perfect, no...but it's far better than average. Yes, the super-kills are blurred out to all heck, but even WITH the blurriness, I can still grasp what the guy is doing, and it's still some of the most intense, messed up stuff I've ever seen.

That's not all though, this game has a great storyline going, and I can't wait to finish it up. I'm about 5 levels in, and I love the gameplay as much now, as I did in the first level. Lure people over, do horrible things, continue...great fun!

The ONLY thing that's a bummer, is the enemy AI...but what the heck ever, it's still a blast to play, and I think that shouldn't change your mind one bit from renting, or buying it. The graphics aren't the best, but what the heck, you're playing the Wii, not Ps3, so what did you expect?

Bottom line...if you want to kill stuff by doing stabbing and slitting motions, get this game. Just don't be such a game punk like all the people who've reviewed it before me... It can be fun to play if you let it entertain you.

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Better than the First

posted by ecase629 (SAN DIEGO, CA) Nov 7, 2007

Member since Jun 2007

6 out of 10 gamers (60%) found this review helpful

Despite all the bashing of this game, I really like it. It is a bit repetitive and the AI can be a little...dumb, but it is still really good.
The storyline is much better than the first game, with flashbacks that are pretty cool. I also really like the attention to detail in the game (blood splatters stay on you throughout the game). The whole thing with the blur effect isn't really that bad. I've actually played the PS2 version with the effect removed, and it wasn't that much better. You do get to see more, but the effect also kinda adds to the whole "crazy" storyline.
This game is definitely not for kids or people who do not like violence. If you're like me and you like gangster films, horror movies and overall goriness, then you'll love this game.

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For all the prior reviews.

posted by TheBigZ (MITCHELL, SD) Nov 1, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

12 out of 22 gamers (55%) found this review helpful

Apparently what all of you fail to realize is, is that the reason the game was delayed in the first place was because the ESRB said it was too violent and if that violence was not toned down the game would have gotten an AO rating for adults only. Have you ever seen a game at a major retailer (Wal-mart, Best Buy) with that rating? NO. Because they do not carry them. So Rockstar, in some crazy scheme to make a few bucks, decided to appease the ESRB and make the game less gruesome in an effort to get it to these major retailers. So that is why the executions are not very good.

crua99, it does not seem like you have any idea what you are actually talking about... If what you say is true about Nintendo not having games that parents would not want their children playing, there would be no Scarface, Godfather, or any other game that has an M rating. Lastly the part where you said "trust me, i make games" I thought was HILARIOUS because reading your post made me think of the SIMS. Did you help make the language that one? Because I could barely make out what you had typed, try using real words, full words, and proper spelling when posting like this and maybe someone might take you seriously.

I can't really understand why everyone talks about how much they anticipated the game dropping, yet failed to do any research as to why it was delayed, or if they did the research continue to cry about the fact that the executions had to be blurred. Here's one that should really get you guys riled up.... They actually REMOVED a whole execution because the ESRB thought that even the blurry version was too grotesque.

Don't blame Nintendo and don't blame Rockstar, it is not their fault. Blame the ESRB and the fact that games are becoming more and more censored and that the artists who are creating these games are being restricted by politicians who probably don't even play games.

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