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Rockstar brutally executed Manhunt 2-Thanks ESRB!

posted by Vykor81 (FEDERAL WAY, WA) Nov 16, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

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Like most people, I was most anxious to see how far Rockstar pushed the envelope, how far they could stretch their freedom of artistic expression. As we all know, it was rejected for its graphical content and Rockstar was forced to water it down a bit to make it acceptable for a mature audience. Unfortunately, they watered it down completely. Honestly, the only reason people play this game and the reason it gets so much attention is because of how brutal it is. As a game, it’s very, very average. So when you take away the executions as Rockstar has done in order to comply with the ESRB board, there’s really nothing left to see. When you commit an execution, you literally see nothing. The original sequence that depicted to brutal killing has been completely blurred out. All you see are red, black, and white lines and scratches all over the screen. You can’t anything out at all, not even the outline of a character. All you get is the knowledge of what weapon you are attacking the rest is left to your imagination. The audio is still grizzly, but visuals are non-existent during executions. So, having said that, all you have left is the rest of the game – which is very mediocre. It’s a clumsy stealth game with very little challenge or problem solving. Hide in a shadow where the baddies will look for you but will never enter to look further, wait for them to decide that there is no danger, watch them turn their backs, then sneak up and kill them. Rinse, repeat. That’s the whole game. It’s interesting for a couple hours, then boring. Without the payoff of the executions, this game has no legs at all. The only positive attributes of the game are that it has production value (it is Rockstar afterall), and the audio and voiceovers are good. But that’s it. It won’t keep you entertained. Unless you LOVE stealth games and have a high level of forgiveness, or you strongly enjoy Rockstar’s visual style (the environment and people look like GTA games), there’s nothing to see here.

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man hunt 2 awsome

posted by mothersnyd (SALT LAKE CITY, UT) Jul 26, 2009

Member since Jan 2009

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playing this is so fun and gorry that i cant help but wunder if this is the tuned down version just how bad was man hunt 1 for the wii that it was pulled off the shelvs 5stars for this game (a must play)

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Close, but no cigar

posted by emwolf (SAVANNAH, GA) Oct 30, 2007

Member since May 2004

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Manhunt 2 for the Wii is a decent game, but considering all the controversy that it has stirred up, it fails to be a really great game. The executions are so blurry and distorted that it is really tough to tell exactly what is happening. The AI is pretty dumb in some areas as well. It's definitely worth playing through to the end, but rent it through Gamefly instead of buying it.

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