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Rockstar has done much better...

posted by knighted (SAN ANTONIO, TX) Nov 27, 2007

Member since Feb 2007

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I dont really know what to think about this game.. My expectations were so incredibly high.. When they first announced this title.. i actually cheered. I was a big fan of the first Manhunt game. Call me crazy.. but shooting someone with a nailgun was hilarious. Sure it was a little over-the-top, but up until that point.. the selection of mature rated games didnt even come close to what Manhunt had going on. It was not even really serious to me.. it was more like watching a horror/action movie. It was a tough game, and thats the kind i enjoy.. i dont like games that you can breeze thru in 10 hours.
As for Manhunt 2, I personally think.. that due to the overwhelming demand to "tone-down" the game.. Lead to its demise in more than one way. For one, the camera controls do not exist. Thats a huge let down for any game, especially in todays standards. And the animations that cover the "blood and gore" only tend to try and screw up what your doing.. I mean, its covered up when you attack someone with a hyodermic needle, but you can still beat a "bad guy" into the next life with a baseball bat.. and thats ok? WTH is with that? And another problem is the fact that the AI is incredibly stupid. You can barely be in a shadow.. and they can never find you.. (unless your wearing the headset, and your wife walks into the room to tell you dinner is
Anyway, long story short, Rockstar did a little too much hacking and slashing themselves.. they tried to appease the masses and ended up making something go from bad to worse. If you ask me GTA: San Andreas was much more violent than this game.. in a round-about way. They wouldnt have had to cut so much from the game, if the people that sell the games did their jobs.. its rated Mature for a reason. If anything good comes out of this game, its this.. its one step closer to letting game developers have total freedom to create the game that they really want to make.. and having the freedom to do so.. unhindered.

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GF Rating

Above Average

I had higher expectations

posted by skey11 (NORFOLK, VA) Nov 5, 2007

Member since May 2007

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Manhunt 1 is actually a better game because of certain gameplay aspects. The storyline is very uninteresting the Manhunt 2 and the changed the buttons around which do not make it easier. Such as, you can not walk and look around at the same time and some corners you can't peak around. The one-on-one fighting is ok how the hard punches could make an enemy do a 180 but the kills have a blurred red and white images during stealth that really sucks and does not help in any shape or form. It's worth playing if you like the first manhunt being that is fresh and have new weapons at your disposal.

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Story mediocre, Not as gritty or dark

posted by devinS (GRESHAM, OR) Nov 5, 2007

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I would give manhunt 2 a weak 7 out of 10. I would almost give it a 6. Maybe im being a little too generous with the 7 rating.

When i first played the first manhunt game, i wasn't much for it. But when i rented it again, i liked it a lot more than the first time i played it. Just so i get that straight.

The story with manhunt 2 is very different from the first manhunt game. It has to do with insanity, split personalities. It kind of has a mix of the suffering and the fight club movie, and maybe a few other things. You play as a different character named daniel lam, and you can play as his friend leo. The story develops very quickly, and doesent mess around. You are pushed into doing flashback missions also. The levels seem to get longer and longer the more you go.

The thing that manhunt 2 misses, is the great feel the first one did. The first one was very dark and ultra gritty, creepy, grisly. It had a great essence of you being hunted by scumbag, ruthless disturbed bad guys. The first four or five levels of manhunt 2, kind of seemed to have the first manhunt deal going, with sexual deviants, porno shops, mental instituitions, torture dungeons. After the first four levels it looses its darkness grittyness like the first one, and becomes a by the numbers type of game, and you just go around and kill people and that's it.

The blurry camera trick effect during the executions did not bother me, you can still kind of see what's going on, and kind of see the blood and guts. It is pretty brutal and violent. The executions in manhunt 2 arent really gory, but they are bloody and brutal. The only time there is really something gory, is when you are shooting guns, people's heads explode and brains and blood splatters everywhere. There is basically one or two moments in the game where you are able to chop off heads during the executions, but that's about it, not much. The fight club type ending was messed up.

Overall, it was okay.

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