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Major Minor's Majestic March


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Not quite "Majestic", but still inventive

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Apr 7, 2009

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If only this game came out one month ago, then we'd have a marching game in March.
Lame jokes aside, Major Minor's Majestic March is all about swinging the Wiimote in a smooth rhythm (mostly up and down like a band leader pumps his baton). As you do, you will lead your band from point A to point B.
Swing the Wiimote too fast or too slow, or swing the Wiimote in an erratic way will make your band members get angry. If you don't correct the bad swings, then they will leave your band.
If all the members leave the band, you'll have to start the level over again.
Complicating matters are hills; going uphill means a slower rhythm, and going down hill calls for a faster rhythm. In the middle of each level, you will have to stop for a short period of time and start again.
Along the march, you can get more members for your band and get some interesting items.
Along your parade route, you will pass by several blocks containing items or citizens. Swing the Wiimote to the left or right at the right time and you will pick up a band member or an item.
Each item has a different effect; some will make your band players happier and some will make them angrier. Some will take one member of your band out, and some will give you the option of putting the band on temporary auto march so you don't have to swing the Wiimote as much.
It's a very good implementation of the Wiimote, but it's very hard to get used to. Get ready for a learning curve as you fail a few stages (the tutorial is of little help here.)
But once I got the rhythm down, the game became much easier and fun. I'm such a sucker for marching bands.
But another problem shows up; there's only seven levels in the game. Even with three difficulty settings, most players can get through the Single Player Mode in two hours or less.
Major Minor's Majestic March is very inventive, but it left me wanting much more. RENT IT.

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