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Majestic Flop

posted by Wendigo17 (EASLEY, SC) Apr 7, 2009

Member since Nov 2004

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First of all, I didn't play the multi-player mode of this game, so I won't be able to comment on it.

Pros: Interesting level designs, decent music, and when everything is working as it should, the game is kinda fun.

Cons: Unskippable cut scenes, terrible voice acting, kindergarten story, unresponsive/aggravating motion controls, and there's only seven short stages in this game. In fact, you'll probably beat this game in under an hour.

It took me some effort to consider the pros in this game because the flaws really overshadow anything postitive that I could say about it. I feel that I need to elaborate a bit on one of my criticisms.

The Wii remote is used as a baton to hasten or slow the musical tempo of your marching band by moving it up and down; the problem is that the game has a really difficult time reading your movements, and it will often tell you that you're doing something wrong.

I do respect the innovation involved with this game, but the execution leaves something to be desired. I can't justify purchasing it, and it's also hard to recommend as a rent. I managed to squeeze a little fun out of Majestic March, but I could have been playing something better.

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posted by JohnJO (OLATHE, KS) Dec 5, 2009

Member since Jun 2008

This game seems to have been made with zero knowledge of the controller whatsoever-it's almost as if the game is reading the wrong sensors! I was swinging it straight up and down and the guy in the game was waving it all over the place and the game kept saying "Are you swinging the controller straight" when what it should have said is "please remove the game and hit it several times with the controller, then drop it into the toilet!"

The boy on the screen swinging his wand (who you were playing as) would respond much too slowly to really appear like you had much control. You were supposed to keep an even tempo, and not too fast or too slow for the band members. Sounds easy to simulate, right? apparently not! The game didn't seem to adequately differentiate between mistakes in the tempo swinging, and purposely changing the tempo, causing band members to drop out and lead to game over. You did get warned that the tempo was too fast or too slow for some of the band members but any attempt to correct the tempo often led to the game registering "uneven" tempo thus causing even more confusion and band members giving up!

Even the tutorial stages were annoying because they would talk forever about how to do certain things before even allowing you to try it out! There was no way to skip the tutorial, and the game didn't even have a pause button!!!! (Obviously you can pause by popping up the home menu on the Wii, however) The tutorial was really annoying because they would "chew your ear off" then let you try just one little step then proceed into another round of blah blah blah blah blahbjakjawkjfkj! Honestly I wanted the game to just cut to the chase and at least give people a chance to try it out for themselves in the tutorial, rather than going into excruciating detail about how to do the controller before even giving any type of control to the player.

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Could not get Wii remote movement detected correct

posted by killless (SAN DIEGO, CA) Jun 21, 2009

Member since Apr 2007

Me and my kid were suppose to move Wii remote up and down. Instead every time we would move control down it move register down followed by the up movement like a bounce.

This wasn't always happening - but sometimes it would get stuck doing this.

Game looks interesting but it we could not get it to work.

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