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So much potential, so much dissapointment...

posted by Wii60Gamer (DORCHESTER, MA) Mar 11, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

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This game was obviously rushed out the door and if I had purchased it instead of renting, I would have been very mad. This is one of those games (like a number of Wii games sadly) that will leave you thinking about all the wasted potential...

While I don't expect great graphics on the Wii, the graphics on this game are terrible, we're talking PS1 level.

Even worse, the motion controls are pretty weak, with the exception of pitching which makes the best use of motion controls (and may even be better than the pitching system in the 360 & PS3 versions). Batting on the other hand is very frustrating. Making contact feels somewhat arbitrary and at the same time it's way too easy to hit home runs. Additionally, the "precision fielding" system isn't in this version of the game for some reason, which makes no sense to me...

There's also a major bug in the franchise mode where the second season (and beyond) inexplicably gets shortened to about a month or so. Go to the 2K Sports Forums if you want more info about the bug. Just know that it ruins franchise mode.

I understand the the first iteration of a game on a new system is going to be flawed but this just feels quickly thrown together and poorly tested. Apparently 2K Sports spent all their development time on the pitching system... fine, but what about the rest of the game?

Lets just hope 2K9 is a far better game. In Summary:

- The Pitching system is great and is frankly the the best part of the game.
- Can be fun to play after making some serious slider adjustments

-PS1 level graphics (look at the players eyes!)
-Batting is frustrating and gets boring very quick.
-Lack of the XBOX 360 & PS3 "precision fielding" system
-Major franchise glitch that makes it impossible to play more than one season
-No online play

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It Had Potential

posted by Bozo33 (WESTERVILLE, OH) Jul 10, 2008

Member since May 2006

1 out of 2 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

The title says it all. The game had potential, but didn't come through. Baseball is a sport that should fit the Wii perfectly, but hasn't yet. Here's a list of the big problems I encountered:

- The game is buggy. I've thrown out guys at 1st for the 3rd out, but they've allowed the runner on 3rd to score. That's inexcusable.

- I looked for a way to sort free agents by ratings, but couldn't find anything. There aren't even separated by position during the season.

- Contracts in the game do not match real life. For example, Francisco Cordero is signed for 4 years in real life, but only for 1 year in the game.

- Contracts are not believable. 80 OA pitchers will sign for under a million dollars, for example.

- Bad AI. Teams will trade young, mid-80 OA SP for older players who are near retirement. When the computer rests a starter, they put the backup in his batting spot. Thus bums are batting 4th in the order. Just a couple examples.

- The Wii remote is not used effectively. It's the same motion for every pitch. You would think they could arrange it so each pitch has a different motion with the Wii remote. The Bigs tried that and failed, but you'd think 2k would be able to get it right. Batting is pretty good, but you'll still check your swing at least once a game when you don't want to do so.

- Player ratings are not very good. Brandon Phillips was one of the best 2B in the league last year and is a very, very average player in the game. Then there is Corey Patterson, whom the game thinks is good enough to start for a lot of teams. Bad.

So like I said, this game could and should have been good, but it's not.

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The Bigs is WAYYYY better.

posted by pkessler (LOUISVILLE, OH) May 4, 2008

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Member since May 2007

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I loaded this game up, started an exhibition game...didn't even make it through the first inning. This game is as boring as watching paint dry. The controls are very poor. If you wanna play a good baseball game get the bigs. This one just isn't worth it.

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