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Very Good

Has it's flaws but Still An Excellent game

posted by EliteOne (JACKSON, OH) Mar 23, 2008

Member since Jan 2006

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When I first started playing this game I didn't really care for it the pitching it was hard to master but once I got the timing down it kind of made the game more interesting.
I feel the graphics are better than MLB 08 The Show. The Stadium, Players, and Animations. Only thing Graphic wise I noticed was the up close views were better on MLB 08.
Gameplay once you get used to the batting and pitching is really pretty awesome, much better than the button masher MLB 08. It gives you more control and brings you into the game, but if you like the button masher type games it has the option to change.
MLB 08 The Show has way too many glitches in it to make it fun I was fighting the game the whole time I was playing it. I hit a fly ball to the outfield and it dropped between 2 outfielders, The AI had the Catcher come to get the ball while the other 2 outfielders just stood there and looked at it. That is just to name 1 instance but there were many more.
Only thing I had a problem with on MLB 2K8 was the game kept freezing in the middle of a Game and I kept loosing all the previously played games I didn't save.
Overall The game was much better than most people are posting on here, but it gets some getting used too but once you understand the game play it is Truly A much better game than MLB 08 The Show.

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Can i get a good PS3 game Please?

posted by AILDfreak (RIO RANCHO, NM) Mar 11, 2008

Member since Nov 2007

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Well i was excited for the release of this game but from the first time i played it i was glad i had game fly so i could send it back. what can i say the graphics are not to great with shaky animations. the cut scenes are bad too. i hit a walk of home run and the crowd didnt stand up and cheer and the dugout didnt clear. another bad thing is the pitching control. the new pitching feature is very hard to master and until you learn it very well you will get lit up all day long by the opposing team. I was interested in the franchise feature but was very disapointed at the fact you only have control of ticket prices, trades, call ups send downs and playing in the game witch gets very boring very quickly. oh and the game makes the players butts look very very big. This dissapointing baseball game gets a 4 out of 10. look for the price of the game to drop very soon.

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Hidden Gem

posted by JohnnyQ (WACO, TX) Apr 19, 2008

Member since Jan 2008

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I have played both 2K8 and The Show, and I must say that 2K8 is more realistic than The Show, because let's face it, The Show turns into a HR Derby more times than not.

The Graphics in 2K8 are very sub-par, especially for NextGen. The Player Models are pathetic, and there are some frame rate issues at times during fielding. Plain and simple, The Show is a far more visually satisfying experience, especially with the Player Models, which are top notch.

With that said, there has never been a better Batter/Pitcher interface in a baseball game than there is in 2K8. And that is where you spend most of the game, is it not?

Is pitching difficult? Yep. But guess what, pitching in real life is no cake walk either. It is so immersive that I feel like I'm back on my H.S. baseball team, taking the mound. Success and failure will ultimately depend on whether or not you can hit your spots or not. If you can, and not throw "Meatballs", then anyone can EASILY keep teams under 5-10 runs a game. But if you just start throwing them down the middle, expect to get lit up. (Duh)

Then batting, like in real life, is all about timing. If you got it, you will hit, plain and simple. Also, in 2K8 you can also "direction" hit (as in to move a runner over to 3rd by hitting to the right side of the infield), which is something I still can't do in The Show.

If you TAKE THE TIME TO LEARN HOW TO PITCH, the game is flat out realistic. If you hit your spots, more so then just throwing fast, you will get outs (Look at Greg Maddux's career).

But if you give up because the pitching is too difficult, I guess the face button method of batting and pitching interface is more suited for you anyways. Not that that is a bad thing though. It just suits some better, that's all.

But for me, I like sub double digit run games, like in real life, than having HR Derbys every other game that you can get with The Show.

Only the sub-par graphics keeps this game out of a 10.

Just one man's opinion

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