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MLB still falls short...yet again.

posted by wdwyer (LAKE ARIEL, PA) Mar 12, 2008

Member since Apr 2007

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When the only great baseball game for the XBOX 360 is WSB 2K3...a game meant for the original XBOX. There's a problem. To date WSB 2K3 was as close to perfect as ANY baseball game has ever gotten on any system. I STILL play on the 360. And you know what, it's STILL fun. You would have thought that the developers would spend more time trying to push the envelope towards the 360 capabilities than to try and reinvent the wheel every year. As gamers we want more than just a roster update. But taking everything that was familiar away and replacing it every year, will do nothing but alienate what's left of the MLB 2K franchise's fan base...which is dwindling. I have not liked a single baseball game on any system since WSB 2K3.

Realism in games is a good thing...yet what needs to be kept in mind...too much realism isn't fun. A game is still meant to be entertaining, and if a game focuses too much on realism. I'm better off making a fool out of myself and trying out for a real baseball team. All this game will do is cost you more on broken controllers and give you a vibrant potty mouth.

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A honest must read review

posted by TyrantRDFL (GLENDALE, NY) Mar 7, 2008

Member since Sep 2004

14 out of 23 gamers (61%) found this review helpful

pitching interface 9.
Its a geat feature. What I'm sure happened was that for the players that didnt like it didnt take the time out to see how simple it works. If you try on your own to do it, you wont figure it out and you will get smashed. Its very easy to learn and when you do its a great feature for pitching, and lots of fun. You feel totally responsible for the great pitches or mistakes u make as a pitcher. Well done 2k

Hitting interface 8.
The hitstick 2.0 is better than last year but its not that tuff, but if you go back to the good old classic mode of hitting I think this is where it shines. They just didnt give us last years interfaces and did nothing they really did a nice job adjusting them. Now with classic mode u get the right reactions with the type of swing u put on pitches and thier locations. I was very happy with the results. Its no longer in anyway HR friendly like it was last year, and think this is what you should use to hit.

Graphics 5.
They dummied down the graphics and the colors and details are pale, and yes I play on HD. The framerate is not horrible that you cant play but its not good, and you would figure that by this time they would get that ironed out on a system that they are very familar with.

Animations 8.5
Unfortunately because the framerate is off it ruins the really nice animations that they implemented in the game. They are alot of them and nice but the framerate doesnt allow for it to look silky smooth. If the framerate was sweet this would have easily got a 9.5.

A.I 6.
Again the A.I in this game has glitches and flaws, and this is where you would have to goto forums and find a set of sliders that would help you. They are to perfect in the batters boxs and it get annoying. You have to adjust the sliders. Playing this game on Allstar the CPU will score so much and present to much of a perfect eye at the plate, but there are sliders to fix this and it will require u to do it but it can be fixed.


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Game is not that bad...

posted by ACustomer (JACKSON, MS) Mar 8, 2008

Member since May 2007

12 out of 24 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

If you switch the pitching and hitting controls to classic, the game is not that bad...The graphics are not better than last years, but they're about the same...people that are ripping this game...just need to stop it..2K makes a great baseball game every year. The gameplay is pretty good...laggy every once in a play is ok...nobody really online are about a B+....overall the game isn't that bad...and the new card feature..where you collect cards, and trade them online, and make your own team with them, is pretty sweet...overall game is not my opinion, ten times better than last year...last year had too many bugs in it...this year's game only has a i give it a 9....thanks for reading....if you wanna add me on XBOX LIVE, my gamertag is NYGiantsFan092...peace out.....

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