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MLB 2k8 Pros and Cons

posted by Melloman16 (DINGMANS FERRY, PA) Mar 5, 2008

Member since May 2007

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This year 2K sports did a great job at bringing a true baseball feel to MLB 2k8.
The Pros: The game play is so much better than in previous years. New controls make the game much harder, but don't worry, you still have the option to use the controls from last year. The computer AI no longer jumps up walls 10 times a game robbing homerun's (that got old quick). The new pitching controls are nicely done. Pitching with the right thumb stick gives a feeling of real life human pitching error. Batting is a little harder because computer AI is better and 2k added a lot of new ball to bat combinations. The new baseball card part of MLB 2k8 is great! You collect cards based on your game play, and use them throughout the game. 2K sports did a great job at adding areas where the ball can travel into the outfield, so now your outfielder isn’t waiting for every hit that pops into the outfield.
The Cons: Sadly they still have the same announcers blabbing the whole game with the same junk as the last 2 years. Graphics are as good as last year, but it seems like the players faces are very last gen. Fielding controls are ok, but I feel like they just needed another reason to toss the right thumb stick into another part of the game, but again you can change that back to last years fielding style.
Overall the game is great for baseball lovers! MLB 2k8 is not too easy, you won’t hit 20 homeruns a game, and even playing against the computer can be a challenge. I would rate this game a 9 or 10 but there is always room for improvement, especially in sports games!

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posted by wormydog (POOLER, GA) Jun 12, 2009

Member since Nov 2008

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Overall the game was OK. I wasn't real happy with the pitching, hitting, and the novel length tips that pop up. I wanted to paly a full season through, but I just couldn't because the game controls bothered me that much.

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Very Good

Not a casual game

posted by C64gamer (ARLINGTON, TN) Mar 5, 2008

Member since Dec 2007

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Although I haven't played a majority of the modern baseball games, I am enjoying my time with MLB 2k8. I especially enjoy the new pitching system which in my humble opinion is the highlight of the game. Pitching in 2k8 requires absolute focus. Any mental lapses results in a home run or at least extra bases. A lot of people around the web are complaining that it is too hard to hit the release point. However, if you read the tutorial tips you'll discover that the size of the release point is based on the pitcher's skill with that pitch and possibly more important the amount of "Effectiveness" you load into the pitch. Effectiveness is the part you control during the windup. You have easy control of a pitch's effectiveness. If a pitcher is inaccurate, drop the effectiveness of the pitch to improve the size of the release point and thereby the accuracy. Yes, this does affect the speed of the fastball and break on your curve or slider. But that is a small price to pay compared to relinquishing a home run by serving up meat. It also helps differentiate between allstar starting pitchers and middle relief.

The batting is the weakest part, although that may be partially due to my skill level. I've always had trouble laying off pitches out of the strike zone. However, 2k has included a set of sliders that with a few minor adjustments produces solid hitting results despite my limited skill.

Video is choppy in spots although not so much that it upset me. As usual with 2K, some of the animations are excellent. With the second baseman throwing to first from his knees or the play at the plate where my guy ran over the catcher making him drop the ball. By the way my base runner was injured on the play.

All in all I am enjoying the game. I love the pitching interface and the focus it requires. However, if you have trouble concentrating for long periods of time or prefer beer and pretzel gaming this one is likely not for you.

Hope this helps.

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