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MLB 2K7 is not "A Whole New Ballgame"

posted by Bratallica (BROOKLYN, NY) Dec 27, 2007

Member since Nov 2007

Presentation: 7/10

Presentation is a high point of this game. Replays and cutscenes look great. Looks like you are watching a real baseball game.

Graphics: 5/10

Character models and the field looks terrific (life like). Stadiums and the crowd look hideous however. Framerate/Slowdowns are a major problem with this game which hurt this category deeply.

Sound: 8/10

The soundtrack is good. Most importantly, the commentary is great. It gets repetitive after awhile but listening to Miller and Morgan feels like you are watching a real game. They do a good job.

Gameplay: 4/10

Gameplay is the weakest point of the game. Hitting is bad and does not feel natural especially with the Sixaxis imprements. Everything hit is either a homerun or a double. Fielding is by far the worst. It is hard to see where the ball is in the infield. Overrunning the ball is something you will be accustomed
too. Pitching is a high point of the three. I like the speed/accuracy mechanics. Motions look realistic too. Not a fan of the controls either.

Overall: 5/10

Pros: Replays/Cutscenes look great, commentary is nice to listen to, many elements of the game are life-like.

Cons: Framerate and slowdowns are a hassle and they will distract you. Gameplay/Controls are weak.

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Solid gameplay with some flaws.

posted by Muthachugg (KINGSTON, TN) Nov 12, 2007

Member since Sep 2007

Mlb 2k7 as a sum of its parts is a solid baseball game on the ps3 platform. Good online features on a game outside of the xbox360 platform is rarely seen. Although this title could of done more in this department I was content based upon any previous concerns I might of had. In terms of gameplay, there is finaly a baseball game that made me enjoy pitching. This might be a slight to the batting however. Firstly, it is slightly too hard making contact. And when you do hit the ball it is likely a home run. As for the franchise mode, it is pretty well featured and shouldn't disappoint. The only thing left to be desired in this department would be a more fleshed out minor league/farming system. The sound is more than competent with good comentary and a stellar soundtrack(in my opinion). Unfortunatly the game is not without flaws. The ability to edit player attributes mid season makes the franchise too easy unless you have the discipline to not to cheat in this devious method. Also, there are problems with the player advancements in terms of attributes throughout a franchise. Alphoso Soriano shouldn't loose 5 pts. in overall ratings after one season. The baserunning control mechanism is below average at best. Unless you have magik hands, it is hard to advance one player around the bases at a time. This usually leaves one of your players getting thrown out at a base you didn't want him running to. Also, the base stealing mechanism is frustrating and should be avoided all together during play even though this is an intergal part of runs scoring in the sport. On to the graphics. The player models look amazing and everything else looks like something from the ps2. In the end, baseball fans will get tons of enjoyment out of the game if they can overlook some of the many minor flaws. If your on the fence, then ask yourself if you are a big fan of baseball. If so then go for it. The flaws are easily overlooked if you have enjoyed past baseball games. Score:7

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Above Average

this and 360

posted by priest401 (NORWICH, CT) Oct 4, 2007

Member since Jan 2006

360 is better. however six axis is cool

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