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posted by VaBalla (FAIRFAX, VA) Jun 29, 2007

Member since Jun 2007

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Major Leauge Baseball 2k7 is one of the best baseball games on the market. It has great gameplay and makes sense.

The GM mode is deep in all ways with injury managment, trades, bringging players up and down, GM goals,finding prospects, hot and cold streaks that actually affect the way you play. For example if you are on a 4 game losing streak the next game you're not going to blow out a team like the mets by eight runs.

Also the players all are realistic. The all around gameplay is great andso are the controlls. This is definately a great game and its under $40 dollars this is a definate buy.

THank you for reading me review please give honest feedback, hope you enjoy the game.


Virginia Balla Numba 21

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Better than 2K6, A good thing though?

posted by BruinsFan (BEVERLY, MA) Mar 2, 2007

Member since Mar 2006

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Im a huge critic of MLB2K6. The game was flawed from front to back. Loads of freezing problems, Tons of AI issues and more glitches than Japan reports at a Dice-K press conference.

Thankfully a lot of the issues that plagued last years game have been ironed out. the core game play has changed very little. The fielding has been fined tuned, though I did experience some glitches here and there, nothing major.

The great pitching/batting interface is unchanged from last year, thats a good thing. 2K nailed this feature last year so Im glad its been unchanged.

Most of the upgrade are in the graphics department, which in my opinion are phenomenal. The signature styles of many of MLB greatest are nailed to a tee this year. From Nomar and his gloves to Dontrelle Willis and his kick, they are all here.

The cut scenes are great, although there are some slowdown and exaggerated blur effects. Example, they will show the batter, who is standing next to the catcher who is completely blurred out. Its a little thing, but annoying to the eyes.

Thats the theme this year. There arent alot of major issues this time around. However there are more than a few little annoying features that I hope will get some patch work in coming weeks.

The game modes are relatively unchanged and online leagues are back as well, the very definition of replay value.

One thing I do love that they changed is the franchise menus. They are fantastic looking and simple to navigate.

Though the game is mildly hampered by minor glitches and hiccups, its still the only thing going on the 360. For that it looses a point with me. If your the only game in town you better nail it, 2K didn't, but its still worthy of a purchase.

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Very Good


posted by YoungCity3 (CHARLOTTE, NC) Feb 27, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

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ok this is a pretty fun game and a huge improvement from last year. (The GM mode is about the same though) The Graphics are x box 360 quality. i really enjoyed just looking at the game. The replays are top notch and makes it seem like you are looking at a real game. .....Fact is this is a good game RENT IT!!!!

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