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Major League Baseball 2K5


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Also on:PS2
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Gameplay Controls

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Major League Baseball 2K5

Directional Pad Pick Off Runner (Move in Direction of Base)
Left Thumbstick Aim Pitch
Right Thumbstick Align Outfield/Infield. Click for Intentional Walk.
A Button Select Pitch
B Button Select Pitch
X Button Select Pitch
Y Button Select Pitch
White Button Access Quick Key Menu
Black Button Select Pitch
Left Trigger Turn Head Towards Runner. Left Trigger + Left Thumbstick = Change Base Looked at.
Start Pause

Directional Pad Up = Signal Steal 2nd. Left = Signal Steal 3rd. Down = Signal Steal Home.
Left Thumbstick Aim Bat Cursor
A Button Practice Swing. Contact Swing. Tap to Check Swing.
B Button Power Swing. Tap to Check Swing.
Y Button Hold Before Pitch for Sacrifice Bunt. Release to Check Bunt.
Left Trigger Lead Off All
Right Trigger Shorten Lead All. Get Back All.

Directional Pad Advances Individual Baserunners (Move in the Direction of the Base)
A Button Select Individual Runner
B Button Select Individual Runner
X Button Select Individual Runner
Y Button Select Individual Runner
Left Trigger All Advance. Advance Individual.
Right Trigger All Retreat. Retreat Individual.

Left Thumbstick Move Player
Right Thumbstick Jump. Dive. Wall Climb. Showboat.
Left Trigger Select Player
Right Trigger Turbo Boost

Left Thumbstick Move Player
A Button Throw to Home. Hold to Cutoff Redirect to Home.
B Button Throw to 1st. Hold to Cutoff Redirect to 1st.
X Button Throw to 3rd. Hold to Cutoff Redirect to 3rd.
Y Button Throw to 2nd. Hold to Cutoff Redirect to 2nd.
Left Trigger Smart Throw. Cutoff Man Catch.
Right Trigger Turbo Throw