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Worst baseball game i have ever played

posted by millwee (SPRING, TX) Aug 30, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

How does this game get a 7.1 rating overall is beyound me. it is realistic i will give it that but the controll of the player in the field is non responsive or pehaps since i rented it and did not get a manual on how to operate the moves like jump or dive or run. The game does not give very good instruction on how to controll the player. Thus making it frustating at best. Pitiching and hitting are good but over the top dificulte to master. I wasted to much time on a game that should be rated a 2 at best.

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To Cartoon Look.

posted by Randyjr1193 (THELMA, KY) Apr 5, 2012

Member since Nov 2011

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This game is to cartoon like, the show is so much better. This is why i switch back to PS3 to get the better baseball game. im a basball fanactic, and i had a xbox 360 and was disappointed with the company with the MLB rights to make the game, but can't make the game seeem realistic enough compared to a company without full rights to make the game seem more life like. Buy the MLB 12 the show instead of wasting $60 on this cartoon junk.

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Major Disappointment!

posted by gait79 (VALLEY VILLAGE, CA) Mar 9, 2012

Member since Mar 2010

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Another reviewer said "This game isn't far off from the show with the graphics, if they would just improve on the way the players look it would be almost perfect."
DUH! The way the players look, wait isn't that the biggest part of the evaluation of gaming graphics?
1. The graphics are bad, players look boxier than even last year game, the crowd looks incredibly bad and stadiums are granulated! I don't understand why the NHL 2012 game is so amazing graphically? Why can't 2K get together with those guys?
2. The controls were supposed to be smoother, simpler and more flowing. A big miss here! Every time coach called a hit and run, I had to physically get off my couch, jump through the tv into the game and push my guy off of first base lol! He just wouldn't run for nothing! I did like the auto jumping and diving feature. It allows you to put more focus on getting to the and throwing the ball!
3. In my player mode, created players look dumb, what happened to the creativity and freedom of design for creating players? There is no training camp to start! Huh! I created the player, and then it gave me an option to either select the team I wanted to play for or randomize selection! No Spring training eval to get teams interested in you or working to try and even make a team as in years passed.

However there was a few bright spots for them to build on and really give the show a run.
1. They did a fantastic job with the batting interface! The controls were amazing and very simplified so even a beginner could get a hit.
2. commentary was great from announcers almost making you feel you were at the ball park.
3. the player evals were spot on! I liked being able to have that breakdown so I knew what I was needing to do each batter or pitcher!

So overall I gave this game a 3! I wouldn't rent or buy for myself!
I feel that they are using the 1Mil challenge to get ppl playing this game because they couldn't get people to do so on it's own merrits!

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