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Like taking a fastball to the ribs

posted by Droppo (MOUNTLAKE TERRACE, WA) Mar 15, 2011

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Member since Dec 2006

Every year, I hope and pray for this game to be a 98 mph fastball with movement, and in one way or another, it's been a batting practice fastball down the middle every year instead.

I didn't like the 2k10 version, and this year's game is practically identical. They changed the graphics up a little and improved the lighting, but otherwise, it's mostly a roster update. So disappointing. I am a huuuuge baseball fan and an addicted gamer, so when am I going to ever get a decent version of this baseball game? They have had about 5 years with this license to get it right. Every time they get close, they throw it all out and start from scratch, complete with new problems.

If you want the best gameplay from this series, play 2K8 with Jose Reyes on the cover. They got everything right in that version except the framerate is horrible during replays and it occasionally crashes. It's buggy, but the best game otherwise in the series.

This new version is as slow as Mo Vaughn. The batting controls give you no real control other than to select for contact, power, or to spoil a pitch. No guessing if it's going to be on the corner of the strike zone or no attempting to pull the ball or go the other way. Pitching has been too pinpoint in the past, but they have overcompensated now and you end up either throwing a lot of outside pitches or serving one up the middle to make sure it's a strike.

The create a player mode would have potential, but it's soooooo slow! You can sim through some of it if you get sick of it, but what's the point if you are having to skip the supposed "game?" Create an outfielder and have tons of fun catching a couple of fly balls to slowly build up your stats in the minor leagues. Yay?

I stopped purchasing the 2K mlb games a few years ago. I will rent it every year to make sure, but I believe I may be stuck playing 2K8 until some other company is allowed to make official mlb games. The exclusive licensing agreement is killing creativity!

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best baseball game yet

posted by canaday (TULSA, OK) Mar 15, 2011

Member since Apr 2009

this is by far the very best baseball game yet that i`ve played in such a long time way to go 2k sports

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Unreasonably Difficult with no instructions

posted by JRadical (RICHMOND, VA) Mar 15, 2011

Member since Sep 2008

This game comes with absolutely no instructions on how to play. If you do manage to figure it out, it's unreasonably difficult, even on the easiest settings. You're more likely to break your xbox than you are to win the world series.

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