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Baseball Fans, Prepare for Hours of Fun

posted by timissmexy (FREMONT, CA) Mar 12, 2011

Member since Nov 2006

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MLB 2k11 is a blast. This, I will not argue. Alas, it is still plagued by the lazy mistakes that have been detrimental to the success of every MLB 2K game.

--The Graphics--

The player models are really hit or miss. Guys like Hideki Matsui look insanely accurate, while guys like Chris Carter are ambiguous at best. As for the fields and such, nothing has noticeably changed.

--Franchise Mode/My Player Mode--

The two most heavily played modes! Franchise has really improved a lot over the previous year; the new player-rating system is lovely. It really helps with the draft. The new injury-tracking system works well as well. Right now though, franchise has got some annoying things that need to be changed. If a player ends the season in a rehab stint, they must finish that rehab stint at the start of the next season. You can't just call them up in the offseason. Also, the AI in simming is pretty bad. As the number one power ranked team (96 overall), I ended the season 15 games under .500 without any injuries. Yikes.

My player mode is basically the exact same as it was last year. I haven't experienced anything different enough to mention in 3+ hours of gameplay. Still very fun.


Offense: The new "total control" hitting isn't really different than the hitting last year. Bunting is easier; drag bunting actually works now. Contact is still underwhelmed; it's still almost always a better idea to swing power. 8/10

Defense: The new defense system rocks; poor defense becomes a liability in the field. Additionally, the new throwing bar keeps you on top of your game. 9/10

Baserunning: It sucks. You have to switch between every player to make them advance bases; either that, or turn auto-run on, which then takes control of all your players and make you do stupid things. At least stealing bases is easier (and possible) in this years version. 6/10

Pitching: Perfection. I can't remember the last time I thought this much about pitching. 10/10



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GF Rating

Very Good

Great but needs work.

posted by No121Else (EL CAJON, CA) Mar 11, 2011

Member since Oct 2010

11 out of 15 gamers (73%) found this review helpful

So I had high expectations for this game and I must say it has not disappointed.

There are two many new changes/features/things to count if you would like to see them check the 2K Forums here - 2ksports()com/forums/showthread.php?t=280429

So as I said this game has not disappointed, I feel that the most notable changes came in Franchise mode but if you look the best changes came in the form of My Player mode. I have started both and I love them both. I started my franchise team with the San Diego Padres and you instantly are shown tons of new things while at first it can be confusing it really is the best part to this "strategy" of running a club.

- The Fatigue icons show when the player is too tired and by playing him you are going to risk injury.

- The injured icons show when you are either using an Injured Player in your lineup or he is sitting on the bench while you hope its something you don't have to do, sometimes you will have to play a player with a minor injury this will affect him stats wise while putting him out there to increase his injury.

There is also the addition DPRS (Player Ratings) these will start as the players Real World stats and increase or decrease just like in real life based on how you play as them. Its a great addition and adds a new level to the game.

They really took this to the next level of realism and simulation. They captured every stadiums "TV View" so when you are pitching in the stadiums it is based off of what their broadcast looks like, if you do a side by side of Petco Park in Game & Real Life, from the pitching view you will see that it is nearly identical just one more step to immerse you into the game.

I would say this is a rental & keep it for the baseball fan but check my +/-'s below.

+ Great Additions, Strategy Elements & Realism
+ 80% New Motion Captured Moves & Players
+/- Hitting System takes time to get used to.
- Graphics are not showing tons of improvement.

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a step backwards

posted by deadmanmike (GROSVENOR DALE, CT) Mar 9, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

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I was really looking forward to the latest installment of this game. I figured they would continue to improve on what was becoming a decent baseball game after last years version. However after playing several game modes I feel that this year has taken a step back. The pitch zone is small, which in itself isn't bad however the aiming reticule for pitching is rather large making it difficult to aim your pitches well. The new fielding throwing meter is worse causing many errant throws, even with as simple a throw as 2nd baseman to 1st base. AI controlled fielders seem to have issues as well, in one play I was making fielding a ground ball with my first baseman, the pitcher coming to cover first continued to run past first right to the dugout area. Interesting. The fielders also constantly look like the are barely in control even on the simplest of plays. Many times when making catches and throws they are nearly falling over themselves. A game to rent but if you are looking for a baseball game to own, stick with MLB the show, or keep MLB 2k10 and save yourself the money on this years edition.

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