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GF Rating

Very Good

Demo was not a good representation of the game.

posted by BuzzLiteYr (ESSEX JUNCTION, VT) Mar 4, 2010

Member since Sep 2006

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I got the full baseball game from Gamefly yesterday (instead of the demo) and I might have to eat my words a bit when I based this game on the demo. I'm starting to really warm up to this game, and I've decided to keep it. In this game you can play in several modes that I like. You can play not only as a team, but also you can play as a single player. I've been playing as myself (creating my own player) in player mode. In this mode it lets you play all aspects of the game from the batter, to playing a field position of your choice, to even playing as a base runner if you get a hit or walk, or get hit by a pitch. This is my favorite part of the game actually. My main complaint initially was the batting....which is extremely difficult. However, as your stats get better, the game begins to give you clues as to whether the pitch is going to be a ball or strike and on which side of the plate it will be. And eventually as you practice you obviously get better at the timing. It also has a very extensive options menu that lets you change the game to suit you, and how you would prefer the game to be (simulation, or more arcade like). I'm actually starting to dig this game now and would definitely recommend it for anyone that is dieing to get a good baseball game. This game is quite hard though.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Good Gameplay but AI still lacking.

posted by ericlsu (AUSTIN, TX) Mar 8, 2010

Member since Apr 2005

23 out of 27 gamers (85%) found this review helpful

While most of the bugginess of 2k9 was worked out, honestly there are some things that still bother me about the AI. I will list those below. First what is good:
Good: Great graphics, stadium renderings, much easier to navigate menus, fluid mechanics, intuitive controls, new My Player mode is great, etc.
Bad: AI still sucks. Examples: 1) In my player mode where you do not control the runners, you have a runner on third and hit a deep sac fly with 1 out, and the runner doesn't tag up but instead runs half way as if he would do if he was on 1st base. 2) opposing pitchers routinely go 130+ pitches, I mean seriously. 3) If you are a pitcher in My PLayer mode, the mgr never takes you out. So if you are gassed, good luck, your numbers will suffer. Example, I pitched 13 innings and the mgr never took me out even though I had 155 pitches.

If you love baseball, the stats, building your players, franchsie, etc, this is a good game. But the little AI stupid moments will drive you crazy.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Awesome Potential Just More Polish Needed

posted by Sace88 (EASTLAKE, OH) Apr 6, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

13 out of 16 gamers (81%) found this review helpful

So I have read a bunch of the reviews for this game and i found one thing wrong. People complaining about the batting being to difficult. If you don't know the average batting average for a MLB hitter is usually around .250. The A.I even on difficult settings is better than most games in that it will make you work. You can not just swing at everything and say its hard to hit the ball. Watch the ball from the pitchers throwing shoulder (just like real baseball) You will be able to determine the area of the pitch more easily. Though i do think that it is hard to determine the speed of a pitch because a fastball and a change-up do not differ much towards the plate. I do not own a PS3 but from simple gameplay videos I really don't see what the fuss is about. The pitching mechanic in that game was created by MVP baseball some 10 years ago. Honestly I see no realism in the hitting and pitching mechanics in that game. But onto my review.

- Greatly improved from last year, a couple hiccups here and there but nothing that defers gameplay. Player faces aren't very well done but I could careless if they look exactly how they do in real life. Animations are smooth, frame-rate never slows down, overall well done.

-Its 2K Sports....need i say more. excellent as always. Good commentary, good sound, decent soundtrack, slick menus.

- Roughly discussed this already but i found no real issues except the A.I the 3rd baserunner not tagging can be quite annoying. The pitching learning curve isn't too steep. Fielding works well. Just a few minor bugs.


A great simulation. Takes some practice to gain an eye for the ball. But after only a few games I was able to greatly improve my batting average. A huge improvement and holds great promise for next years MLB game.

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