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Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom


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GF Rating

Very Good

Absolutely charming

posted by Vsonic (EAST STROUDSBURG, PA) Nov 28, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

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Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom is a fantastic adventure game that more than holds over fans of the genre while waiting for the Last Guardian to come.

It's a great blend of combat, stealth and puzzles that would normally be merely adequate. The thing that elevates the experience though is the Majin himself. Despite playing Enslaved and Prince of Persia (2008), and loving them both, Majin probably has the best "buddy system" I've seen in a game yet. It's so easy to do a good deal of things with this guy, and seeing him gain new powers regularly continues to mix it up. It more than works; it's very well done and very rewarding/fun.

I know that some people seem to have a huge problem with the Majin's voice. These people are morons with hearts made of coal - they can stick to their mainstream shooters and trashtalk each other on Xbox Live. Good riddance. This guy is awesome; a huge teddy bear who kicks butt and totally has your back. He's very much a Totoro-esque character, and a very successful character at that, so that's very high praise. The whole presentation actually pulls off that charming storybook vibe, without stylizing it as heavily as 2008's Prince of Persia. Well, there's no cel shading, but all the monster designs are top-notch. Between this and FolkLore, creature design seems to be Game Republic's strong suit. The music too is beautiful and memorable; the theme is melodic enough that you'll find yourself whistling it later on. Absolutely wonderful:)

The whole game is just so wonderful. Colorful, heartfelt, unique and well done, but above all else it's fun and memorable. If you're a total poser of a hardcore gamer, than stay away and stick to the games that Gamestop displays most prominently - there are plenty of derivative, mainstream shooters to capture your attention. But if you're a true gamer, and love memorable adventures like Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, Enslaved and Prince of Persia, then I can't recommend Majin highly enough.

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GF Rating


Don't Forsake this game

posted by zargot (PHOENIX, AZ) Jan 9, 2011

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Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom was an absolute delight to play. Twenty minutes after starting the game I was enjoying it and had forgotten all about the bad previews and videos I had seen.

Graphics for Majin weren't anything special, they were I would say average for what I expect from a ps3 game, couple times it took a few seconds for them to clear up after scene changes. The music i enjoyed during the game as well, I felt it set the atmosphere well. Controls were solid with the exception of the button assigned for picking up and setting down objects. Found that there was lag involved with this one command.

Story was interesting and it does have the option for two endings, with the second one being based on item collecting. The characters are always interacting during the game, sometimes the Majin will say the same line a few to many times, so that keeps it interesting. Experience based level up system for both characters, so plenty of reason to go and beat up "more and more" baddies. Lots of items, costumes, power ups and treasure, to collect in the game so plenty to side track yourself with.

Game play was pretty simple, hack and slash, for the most part with power combos and cool finishes unlock able during the game. Some of the boss battles were a little challenging but nothing was impossible if you just keep an eye out for all the power ups for the characters.

This was a fun, and not terribly difficult, game with a cute/simple story. I think this one is a good play for anyone that like platforming/puzzles with time good old hack and slash action.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Highly enjoyable adventure

posted by tjsmoke (NORTHAMPTON, PA) Jan 3, 2011

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Namco scores again with another character driven adventure game, this time out with Game Republic's "Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom". Like Namco's prior effort with Ninja Theory ("Enslaved"), "Majin" is a single player with two characters that need to help each other through their adventure. Like Monkey and Trip in "Enslaved", Teotl and Tepeu, the Majin and the thief respectively, need to work in tandem to defeat enemies and solve puzzles as they seek to rid the kingdom of darkness. This is a fairly meaty game, as it will take you anywhere from 20-25 hours to complete their quest. Each area unlocks another of the Majin's powers, and you must defeat a boss with each. The bosses are puzzles in themselves, but once you figure out how to take them down, they're not too difficult. Enemy types are varied in both size and speed, but they are appropriately challenging for the level of the characters when you meet them. The story is well told via found memories and simply animated flashbacks. Graphics are quite nice to look at, and the changes in the Majin reflect his returning powers and the restoration of the kingdom. Voice acting is for the most part well done, though some NPCs can grate a little on the nerves. For the most part the game controls well, though at times the Majin will be slow in responding to commands. These lead to some unnecessary deaths, but these frustrations are far from gamebreaking. The end battle is fairly epic, and the game's ending may or may not surprise you, but it does leave room for a sequel. If you're a fan of games like "Ico" and "Shadow of the Colossus", and if you enjoyed "Enslaved", give this one a try. This is a highly enjoyable adventure, even with the flaws, and I hope people give it a chance. With all the endless sequels and shooters out there it's refreshing to play a good lengthy adventure game. Hopefully they will make a sequel, and if so, I for one will be glad to join Tepeu and the Majin on another trip through the kingdom.

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