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GF Rating


this game is bad

posted by gatorchron (LAS VEGAS, NV) May 28, 2014

Member since Oct 2012

This game is so bad I didn't want to play no more the graphics and gameplay so ugly and really bad even the dialog story is so boring it put me to sleep the combat is so weak they die easy I haven't finish the game because so bad. If you plan rent this game dont get it dont even waste your money to buy this game. If you like get platinium then go a head rent it easy platinium but I am telling you so bad even the choose option is bad too level up system it's ok the magic it's ok not great but anyways dont get this game it's so worst game I ever play.

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GF Rating

Really Bad

I didn't want to believe it but.....

posted by TerribearGames (GRAND JUNCTION, CO) Aug 1, 2014

Member since Jan 2013

I hadn't heard much positive feedback about this game and decided to play it myself. That being said... it's as bad as everyone says. Now, normally I reeeeeally dislike giving negative feedback about a game but I'm going to have to be honest: this game lacks development, creativity, and decent writing. The one positive thing: it's the easiest platinum I've ever obtained.

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Yeeeaaaaa this game is pretty bad...

posted by hoss3000 (LAWRENCEVILLE, GA) Apr 22, 2014

Member since Apr 2012

So I heard the usual reviews in that this game was so bad it was good but found out it's bad. I'm a big fan of gems such as Two Worlds and Arcania to name a couple but I could not overlook the poor execution in Magus.

I mean there are some good ideas here such as different powers, lots of loot, interesting enemies, etc but good god is this bad. The powers which are these rapid fire balls of light seem to only differ from one another based on color, size, and spread - I can't really tell the difference. Along the same lines the aiming is just ridiculous-pretty much swerve into place to where enemies are in the line of fire.

The dialogue is bad sure but that's actually one of the good things. The protagonist looks like a doofus and talks like he is super bad. Just really strange choice there but it can be entertaining.

The loot is interesting in that what you find can be worn such as belts, amulets, rings, armor, helmets, etc. And you can assign various gems you find to make them more powerful such as increasing strength, dexterity, green power, etc.

Which reminds me of the stats and difficulty-there is absolutely no reason to upgrade anything other than strength because there are very little times where you need to worry about dexterity (defense-lol!) and vitality. Strength raises overall attack power so there is no need to worry about increasing stats in Green, Blue, or Red.

Anyway-if you want to waste an afternoon doing something go outside but if it's raining-I guess you can play this? The campaign only lasts 3-6 hours btw-so it's a short torture.

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