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a famillar game...

posted by killerock (RIVERSIDE, CA) Aug 7, 2006

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Ok first of all havent i seen this game before? Only i could download it to my computer and play it for an hour? Yha i remember its that cool puzzle game called Zuma! But wait this isnt zuma! Its magnetica for my DS! And this is my revew.
This is a verry solid game and if you arnt carefull you just may loose all of your imaginary girlfriends playing this game......all six of them. By that i meen this game is just too addicting! One night i was playng for so long i started at 7pm and stoped at 1am! And man that didnt do annything for my social life! another thig about this game is that you will probly only get to the 5th level or so befor turning it in! its just to hard! (sorry for the language) i would of given it a higher score if it just had one thing A PRACTICE MODE!

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Yep, it's zuma.

posted by heimburg (ORLANDO, FL) Jun 19, 2006

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This is an astonishingly exact rip off of the hit web game Zuma, which you can find online and play for free (just google it).

It's not kinda-sorta like Zuma, it is exactly like Zuma, save for the graphical trappings. There's no stone frog, and instead of jungle rythms, you have techno music. If you're already good at Zuma, you'll instantly be really good at this game, too. That's because they are the same game.

However, there's a lot worse things to be than a rip-off of a very fun game. This is a solid puzzler that combines strategy with hand-eye coordination. It's pretty addictive.

It could have been better. For instance, the top screen is basically unused during play. It shows some useless statistics during play. This could have been much more interesting... hey, at least they could have made those statistics USEFUL, like showing how many more of each color of ball will be coming. But this isn't an innovative expansion on Zuma, it's just a cash-grabbing rip off.

In the end, I think the PC game is better -- it's got a deeper scoring system and is a little more polished. (But use the mouse to play Zuma, not the keyboard as the previous reviewer suggested!) And you can play it for free online, so it's a little dubious how good a purchase this cartridge is. But if you're going on a long car trip or something, it can certainly fill the time enjoyably.

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posted by Harley9589 (DIAMOND, IL) Feb 7, 2011

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This is a game that I had played on the PS1 and I had loved then and it is even better then before. I would say to get it. It is fun to play for all ages. It will teach color matching for little ones. teach you about slots how to match shapes. and about time. How get the balls to get 3 in a roll to make to go away so you don't lose the game. and how to think about how to get the balls to go away when they are sitting still so you don't make them go to the middle and lose. You won't want to put it down once you start.

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