Rent Mafia for PS2
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Gameplay Controls


Directional Buttons Up/Down = Next weapon/previous weapon, Right = Holster weapon/empty hands, Left = Drop weapon
X Button Action/accelerate
Triangle Button Enter or exit cars/pick locks
Square Button Reload/brake
Circle Button Roll/handbrake
L2 Button Turn to next enemy (left)/Look left (in car)
L1 Button Jump and climb/speed limiter
R2 Button Turn to next enemy (right)/Look right (in car)
R1 Button Fire/recover car (racing modes)/sniper scope
Start Button Pause menu/show objectives
Select Button Map
Left analog stick (L3 Button when pressed down) Walk/run/steer
Right analog stick (R3 Button when pressed down) Aim
L3 Button Crouch/horn
R3 Button Center view/change camera (in car)
Combo #1 Circle + Left Analog Stick Left/Right = Roll
Combo #2 L2 + R2 = Look behind (in car)


Map Controls: On the map screen, Left Analog Stick moves around the map, Right Analog Stick zooms in and out. Yellow triangle inidicates player position; Blue cross/blue arrow indicates your next objective.

Combat: When in hand-to-hand combat, hold down R1 to increase the strength of your hits.

Obtaining Vehicles: Ralph will show you how to steal certain cars. You will only be able to steal car models that you have already learned to unlock. If you ever find yourself without a car, you can always hop on a train!

Police Action: You will see different police icons, depending on how bad the cops want you. A Ticket Icon means the police will stop you and fine you. A Handcuff Icon means you are wanted, and they will try to bring you in. A Gun Icon means the police will use force to bring you in if necessary, so watch out!

Salieri's Bar: Most missions begin and end at Salieri's Bar. You can also get equipment, weapons and vehicles nearby.