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Very Good

Good game, pros and cons

posted by LastNight5 (DENVILLE, NJ) Aug 24, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

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Although Mafia 2 is a big improvement from the original, there are still a few pitfalls in the new squeal. I'll start with the Pros.

-Great graphics. Ironically, even though one would think the graphics may be better on PS3, many of the small details were missing (I played it on Xbox and PS3 and the comparisons were slightly different).
-Awesome story. Without giving anything away, the story is definitely worth playing the game.
-Simple and to the point. Unlike GTAIV or Red Dead Redemption, the storyline focuses on one mission at a time and there are no side plots that may distract or throw off the story.
-If you play the PS3 version, you'll have access to the DLC "Betrayal of Jimmy", which is a ton of fun, adding 25 missions to the game. It's free with purchase, or $9.99 otherwise.
-Great handling of cars. You'll love the ability to slide/drift into turns, unlike similar games where the handbrake slows you down.

Now the Cons
-Although I named this as a pro, it can also be a con depending on what type of gaming you enjoy. The story-line is very linear, with no side-missions or story-lines. This makes the game move quickly, maybe a little too quick.
-Melee is simply mashing buttons, with no real fighting technique.
-The city itself feels like an accessible playground when you first begin. Towards the end, you'll feel like a hamster in a wheel, going nowhere with nothing to do.
-Lack of collectibles makes the game feel one-dimensional.
-While some may love this aspect, others may hate it. The police are very realistic, such as pulling you over for speeding or hitting another car. This may slow down the game for you and allow you to enjoy the scenes, but it can also be annoying and redundant.

Five pros, and five cons. It is well worth renting, but for $59.99, it lacks replay value and the achievements/trophies do not garner a second play-through.

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GF Rating


Good but not great

posted by FlikViktor (BETHLEHEM, PA) Aug 29, 2010

Member since Jun 2008

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Graphics 8/10
Sound 9/10
Control 8/10
Story 8/10
Replay Value 1/10

Time to Beat : Roughly 10 - 12 Hours (not including searching for collectables)

Recommendation : Rent

The graphics for the game are not bad, didn't come across any glitches, and the details for well everything is pretty well done. The sounds works out great especially for the music with time that the game is set. The controls are very easy to learn, even for a rookie going into a shooting type game can very easily pick up the controller and have an enjoyable game on the medium difficulty.

The story is pretty good at getting across what the game wants to. While it would be nice to have had some control over your Vito's decisions the game wasn't meant to give the player the options to change things. The story does however lack one key thing, making the player actually care about some of the main/supporting characters. Without spoiling anything, when your sister comes crying to you later on, you've had no contact with her since the beginning of the game so you really don't care. The only character who could actually grow on you is Joe, and that's because he's pretty much with you throughout the whole game. And he's pretty much eh.

The replay ability is what hurts the game the most. Like I stated above you have no control over Vito's decisions so whether you play on easy, normal, or hard your getting the same story. Only difference is you need to play on Hard to be able to collect the pin-ups. But really who cares about some random hidden collectables that have no effect on the game. Also no online mode.

Side Note:
While a lot of people complain about the "lack" of open world setting in the game. The world is actually open to explore. However your not going to be all that impressed if you do decide to do that. The map is pretty small, and there's not really anything to do. The chapter system isn't a bad thing, they just need to be longer and give some side stuff to actually d

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Playable and mostly enjoyable

posted by Exilo (EL PASO, TX) Aug 3, 2011

Member since May 2011

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Ok so im a huge fan of old time crime games where the criminals had class this was fantastic with sticking to that i liked the missions alot reading some of these reviews it makes me sad really play grand theft auto and think this will be the same its not this one to me is more realistic and i loved it real life cops will stop you for speeding but in the game theres a neat feature if you press a certain button you gain a speed limiter which doesnt let you go pass a certain limit and for me driving from one part of town to the other with a time limit while avoiding not getting caught by the cops takes skill altho its not an easy game for most (especially if your used to grand theft autos speeding around with idiotic cops) its enjoyable the cars are beautiful the story is decent i wont give it a ten because it did lack a few things like a nice selection of clothes but i guess mafia members only really do need one set of clothing a nice trench coat lol. My advice for anyone looking at this is if your intrested in something different yet fun this is a good game to rent in my opinion but dont take my word for it rent it and check it for yourself! =)

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