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Above Average

Mafia II-Could have been better...

posted by ICEMAN92 (BRANDON, MS) Aug 28, 2010

Member since Jan 2009

I need to give the game it's due for graphics, sound and a decent storyline. I am very surprised at the high ratings for this game though. It is a rather quick single player game (8-10 hours) with no multiplayer and no replay value. The only reason you would replay it is if you were going for 1,000 gamer score. The majority of the achievements are fairly easy to get. I do have to say that the Playboy Magazine collectibles were a great idea.

This game is focused only on the chapter missions-no side quests really to speak of. You can steal some cars for cash and do some stick-ups at the businesses but other then that no dice.

The game is an excellent rental but a definite pass for purchase.

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GF Rating


Don't look at it as a game.

posted by Shiek200 (MERCED, CA) Aug 28, 2010

Member since Aug 2010

I'm about two chapters from the end, and absolutely HATED how there was no side missions, aside from robbing local stores, and couldn't stand the fact that I had only been playing for about 8 1/2 hours.
This bugged me for a while, but then I remembered that the intention of the game was to replicate movies like the Godfather, and Goodfellas, and such.
I can see absolutely NO replay value in this as a game, but I would easily play it again in the same way I would watch a movie a second time.
If you look at this as more of an interactive Mob Movie, A Goodfellas where you get to control Henry, then it takes on a whole new meaning.
I admit, I would still prefer a 60+ hour game, with hundreds of unique side missions to keep me playing for hours, but since Morrowind, nothing has really come close. I enjoyed this game like I would enjoy a good movie, and I will play it again, just like I would watch any good movie multiple times.
That said, my only other complaints, would be the lack of variety in clothing stores (there's only one, as far as I have seen, but even still, the variety of colors is NOT missing!) and the fact that you see taxis all over the place, and even the occasional bus, as well as a few subways, but you can't use ANY of them.
I can overlook that last flaw though, as it forces you to drive everywhere, and the driving in this game is truly superb, assuming that you're looking for something realistic enough to make you drive carefully, but fun enough to still be able speed down the highways at 120 mph. Just beware of rain!

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GF Rating

Very Good


posted by TheButcher (VIRGINIA BEACH, VA) Aug 27, 2010

Member since Aug 2010

I bought the game because I played the demo and I was amazed at how good the game was, I feel a third one coming on shortly.

Pros: Great music, great voice overs, amazing detail to the environment, during gunfights or just shooting a gun they put major detail into the bullet penetration and how dust and debris fly from where it hit, like a real bullet would. Customizable cars and outfits is always a plus (Hint hint for you there Rockstar)

Cons: SOOO many cops swarming around, no playability after you beat the game, could have been more weather changes in the game considering it was over a ten year period, no side missions, no online.

All and all I give this game an eight out of ten because most of the cons are big, like no online or side missions because that bumps up the time playing it by a whole lot. But other than that I was extremely happy with me buying the collector's edition to the game.

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